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About Axis Residential Treatment

Are you or a loved one considering sobriety? Millions of people have recovered from addiction/ alcoholism and coming clean about your problem is the first step. Active addiction will only lead someone to three places jails, institutions or death. Or the different route, sobriety which often time guarantees a completely better life. Many Americans have a drug problem and until recently this issue was brushed under the rug. Nowadays recovery is a movement that many people, celebrities and athletes are choosing to follow. If you or a loved one is ready for recover, it is important you act fast.

We are a new entity that is designed to help those struggling with a substance abuse issue. We pride ourselves in find the best treatment center for the individual. Our no-cost drug and alcohol treatment placement service saves the lives of many each year. If you have insurance we will make sure the treatment center you are placed in takes it. There are many different treatment options out there and when it is time to select one it may be overwhelmed. Do not panic, we have a professional staff in the industry that will assist you in any way possible. We have a “client-centered” mentality meaning our employees will be attentive to the individuals needs and personals goals. Our goal is to work together with our client in order to  develop and individualize a personal treatment plan. The first step of recovery can start in treatment.

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