Are You Addicted to Pain Pills?

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Are You Addicted to Pain Pills?

There are millions of people who are addicted to pain pills. Some of those addicts end up in 12 step programs and can overcome their addiction. Others have a fatal reaction to the drugs. Some are still suffering from the addiction or are in denial that they have an addiction in the first place. Are you addicted to pain pills? Maybe you have been hiding from the truth or you just aren’t sure. Today you will read some signs that you have this addiction so you can get into the treatment center and overcome it all.

Increasing the Dose

When you have been prescribed pain pills, one of the signs you may have an addiction to them is if you need to have a dose increase. An addiction may be present if you need to increase the frequency of taking the pills as well. The longer you are on these drugs, the higher your tolerance becomes. When you have a higher tolerance, you feel like you need more of the drug and to take it more often to get the same effects or treatment you used to. If you have needed to increase the dose on your pain pills, get into 12 step programs to start overcoming the addiction.

Having Mood Swings

Many people who are addicted to pain pills will have an onset of mood swings. They may have had mood changes before just as everyone does. However, when these mood changes come from the addiction, they are more severe. They may come and go without any rhyme or reason. If you have been dealing with these kinds of mood swings, you could be addicted to pills. If so, get into 12 step programs immediately.

Coming Up with Ideas to Have Prescriptions

Has your doctor said they were going to cut your prescription or reduce it? Maybe you just have been at the same dosage for a while and you think you need more? If these things have happened and now you are coming up with ideas to get more prescriptions for pain pills, this is a sign of an addiction. If you have been doing this, be sure to seek out treatment from 12 step programs as soon as possible.

These are some of the signs that show you are addicted to pain pills. So, if any of these are coming up for you, seek a treatment program right away.

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