What Behavioral Signs are Seen in a Heroin Addict?

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What Behavioral Signs are Seen in a Heroin Addict?

When speaking of a heroin addict, many people don’t realize there are many signs that can help to identify someone with such an addiction. Many of those who have gotten into residential drug treatment centers are there because people have seen many of the behavioral signs of the addiction and confronted them about it. If you are wondering if someone has an addiction to heroin, the following signs are what you should be looking for first.

Not Making Eye Contact

Many heroin addicts will avoid making eye contact at all costs. Some do this because they don’t want people to see if their eyes look dry or if they have bloodshot eyes. Others with this type of addiction might do this because they know their loved ones can tell if they are lying when confronted about something. Additionally, others might avoid making eye contact because they are isolating themselves. If you notice someone doing this, it is just one of the behavioral signs of a heroin addict. They might need help from residential drug treatment centers.

Sleeping Too Much

Depending on how this drug affects the heroin addict, you may notice they are sleeping much more than usual. Some heroin addicts will sleep for nearly a day without waking up. Others will go on sleep binges where they sleep for many hours and are awake for only a short time before dozing off again. They may do this for days or even weeks. If you notice someone’s sleeping habits have suddenly changed, this could be a sign that they have a heroin addiction. Keep this in mind when you are considering whether they need help from residential drug treatment centers.

Stealing from Loved Ones or Others

Someone with a heroin addiction might start stealing from loved ones or others as well. Many will steal things from stores and then try to sell those things on the street to make money. They will then use that money to buy drugs. Some might even steal highly priced items and trade it for drugs as well. There are some people with a heroin addiction who steal anything they can from loved ones so they can get money to buy the drug.

These are some of the behavioral signs you might see in a heroin addict. If you notice any of them, it might be time to hold an intervention or talk to them about getting treatment.

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