What to Do if You Have Been Complacent in Recovery?

What to Do if You Have Been Complacent in Recovery?

Being complacent in recovery, what does that even mean? This means you have become too comfortable in recovery. You start taking your recovering lifestyle and sobriety for granted. When this happens, your chances of relapsing greatly increase. You don’t remember what it is like to have the consequences from using drugs or alcohol. If you have been complacent in recovery after already going through 12 step programs, there are some things you can do.

Recognizing Your Complacency

The first thing you will need to do is recognize your complacency. Just as you admitted to your addiction, you must admit you are being complacent. You can’t keep justifying it and going on as is. Things have got to change and you will need to make that happen. If you are stuck in complacency, you won’t move forward and that won’t be healthy for you or your recovery.

Setting Stronger Goals

If you have been complacent in recovery after going to 12 step programs, it is time to set stronger goals. Maybe you have already met your main goals and you are feeling good. That is great. However, if you don’t have something strong and important to work towards, you are going to stay in complacency mode. Start with a few small goals and one big goal. Make the steps for each one and work towards them.

Calling Someone

Complacency can make you feel safe. It can cause you to start justifying the thoughts of drinking or using again. It is time to call someone. Talk to them about all the reasons you needed to stop using in the first place. Let them know what great things have happened since your sobriety date. This can help you remember that you need to focus on your recovery and making more progress.

Work Your Recovery

If you need to, change your recovery plan but do something to work your recovery. Maybe it has been a while since you have done anything in your recovery. You may not have worked 12 step programs in a while. Find something in your recovery plan you can work on and make it happen.

These are some of the things you can do if you have been complacent in your recovery. Now is the time to take action so there is no chance of you relapsing because you didn’t work on your recovery plan.

Expectations to Have with Sober House Living

Expectations to Have with Sober House Living

With sober house living, which is one of the options after leaving residential alcohol treatment centers, there are some expectations you may want to have. The first thing you should know is this may be seen as a halfway house but it is also a recovering house. It is a safe place for you to live when going through the recovery process. If you learn about this type of living, it may be something you choose to do to benefit your recovering lifestyle.

It is Not a Sketchy Place to Live

Some people think a sober house is a sketchy home where addicts live. The truth is it is a place where recovering addicts go to keep safe and lower their chance of a relapse. These homes are clean and comfortable. Many are high class and have just the right amount of sober recovering addicts living there. Generally, these homes are only for one gender. The homes are maintained and the chores are done by those who live there. Sometimes there is a leader of the home.

You Have Your Things

Just because you live in a sober house after residential alcohol treatment centers doesn’t mean you will be sharing your things with everyone. You will still have your space. Generally, each person has their own room or some may have a roommate. You will have your food, specific chores to do and you may need to get a job. Each home for this purpose may have their own requirements.

Learn from the Others

It isn’t a sign of weakness to take from other strengths and learn from them. This is going to help you stay clean and sober. It is going to help you learn the rules of sober house living. By learning from others, you increase your chances of keeping clean after being in residential alcohol treatment centers.

With this information about sober house living, you can decide whether you want to go into this home after your inpatient stay. Some people who attend outpatient care will even decide to live in these homes. They find it comforting, helps them hold accountable for their sobriety and recovery and even helps them find other recovering friends. It can often be difficult to live with others who haven’t overcome addiction. They don’t quite get it but those who are living in these homes will know exactly what you are going through.

How to Get High on Life Not High on Drugs

How to Get High on Life Not High on Drugs

After you have gone through and gotten drug rehab help, you must find a way to get satisfaction in your recovery. Some recovering addicts like to think of it as getting high on life not high on drugs. If that is a perspective you can take on, the tips here will help you to do that. When you read these tips, think of how you can incorporate them into your recovery. Think of all the benefits they are going to give you so you can stay positive and joyful now that you are clean from drugs.

Eating Nutritiously

The first tip for getting high on life and not on drugs is eating nutritiously. Did you know that there are actually foods that will make your body and mind feel good? If you cut out greasy and fat-filled foods that will help a lot. Start eating energy-filled foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables. Blueberries are just one of the greatest foods you should add to your snacks and meals in recovery.

Get in the Sun

Another excellent way to get high on life and not on drugs is to get in the sun. The sun provides your body with Vitamin D which builds up your strength. It also helps to fight off and prevent certain diseases too. If you want to enjoy your life in recovery, being out in the sun also gives you boosts of energy and makes you feel happier overall as well.

Exercising More Often

Exercising does release more endorphins than you may release. Instead of getting high on drugs, this is one of the ways you can get high on life. There is such a thing as the runner’s high and you can get that. You don’t necessarily have to run to get it either. If you do a very tough workout that can give you the same feelings and results. When your body starts to feel the burn, keep pushing and you will feel it.

These are some of the ways you can get pleasure in life instead of getting high on drugs. Once you have gotten drug rehab help, you must find things that make you happy. You must find your new pleasures in life and these can be some of them. Incorporate these into your life and make the most of each day from here on out.

Is a Benadryl Addiction Real?

Is a Benadryl Addiction Real?

When talking about addictions generally it comes down to prescription drugs, illegal drugs and alcohol. The truth is that people can become addicted to over the counter medications as well. There are many people who become addicted to Benadryl. It may seem difficult for some people to understand how this could be an addiction. This is a medication that is legal. It can lead to drowsiness, hallucinations and help some to sleep. These are all reasons some people use hallucinogenic drugs as well. If you have this type of addiction, getting alcoholism help may be the best thing you do.

Recovering from this Addiction

Yes, since a Benadryl addiction is real, people do need to recover from it if they are addicted to the medication. This means they choose to abstain from using this over the counter drug and others that they may be addicted to. It can be tough to recover from a Benadryl addiction. It might seem like you need to avoid all OTC (over the counter) medications to stay clean. However, you may need to take something for a headache or other pain. To stay clean, you need to make sure your intentions of using a medication are not to get high or just cover something up.

Using Other Over the Counter Medications When in Recovery

There may come a time when you have gotten alcoholism help for a Benadryl addiction. When in recovery, you may need other over the counter medications as mentioned above. The point of staying clean comes along with your intentions. If you have a headache and take over the counter Tylenol as long as you aren’t intending to get high from the medication, you haven’t relapsed. As long as you take other necessary holistic steps to try preventing headaches in the future, you haven’t relapsed.

Recognizing a Benadryl Addiction Relapse

If you are in recovery after getting alcoholism help for this addiction, the following things signify a relapse. If you intended to get high when taking over the counter medications, you relapsed. When you take more than the prescribed dosage on the package, you have relapsed. Lying to someone about taking the medications, means you relapsed.

If you do have a Benadryl addiction, alcoholism help and treatment programs are out there. You can overcome this addiction just as someone with any other addiction does. It doesn’t mean you can never take over the counter medications again either.

Luxury Treatment Offered for Recovering Addicts

Luxury Treatment Offered for Recovering Addicts

There are some people who need special care and all the amenities they can think of before they will agree to get into residential drug treatment centers. If that is the case for you, maybe luxury treatment rehab centers are what you need. They have so many different offerings that you may not find at just any rehab center. By getting the best treatment in the area, you have a high possibility of getting the resources needed to help you overcome addiction the rest of your life.

Dual-Diagnosis Help

Some people have a mental health disorder and an addiction to drugs or alcohol. When this happens, it is called a dual-diagnosis. It is very important to get treatment for both these things at the same time from the same place. They affect each other more than you might realize. If you have an anxiety disorder, paranoia, PTSD or another type of mental health disorder and you have been abusing drugs or alcohol, get into luxury treatment today. Get the dual-diagnosis help that will allow you to overcome addiction and treat the mental health disorder too.

Training of Life Skills

When getting luxury treatment from residential drug treatment centers, you may get training of life skills as well. These might include communication, relationships, job placement, financials and more. When someone lives an addictive lifestyle, they often don’t realize how many skills they are lacking until they sober up. During luxury treatment programs, you can recognize the skills you need to work on and then implement what you learn into your recovering lifestyle.

Comfortable Space

In addition to the dual-diagnosis help and the training of life skills, you will have a comfortable space in the luxury treatment program. Many of these residential drug treatment centers offer patients their own room. The main social areas are generally large so you don’t feel trapped in with others. The comfortable space gives you room to breathe while you overcome the addiction.

Top Chef

You may also get a top chef that serves your food when you are in luxury treatment programs. They want to make sure you are properly served and get the nutritious meals you need. There is a connection between what you eat and whether you are able to get and stay sober as well.

Now you have more information on the amenities available with luxury treatment. Will you call the residential drug treatment centers today?

What Are Withdrawals from the Benzos Like?

What Are Withdrawals from Benzos Like?

Withdrawing from any drug is tough to deal with. It is important to know what the signs of withdrawals are and when you may need to get emergency care. If you are attending a residential rehab treatment program, you won’t need to be so worried. The doctors and nurses on staff will treat your withdrawal symptoms and keep a close eye on you. If you have been abusing benzos, this guide will help you better understand what the withdrawal process will be like.

What is the withdrawal timeline for these drugs?

While there is no absolute timeline for withdrawing from benzos, there is a guide that can provide you more information. Your withdrawal length is going to vary based on the dosage of medications you have taken throughout your addictive lifestyle. If you have been addicted to drugs for a longer period of time, your withdrawals may go on for longer as well. The timeline will also vary based on how you used the drugs. If you had broken the benzos up to get your high, the withdrawals will probably be longer as well. Generally, symptoms start about 1 to 3 days after last taking the medication. Afterwards, the intensity of symptoms will increase over a period of a couple weeks. There may be some post-acute symptoms that last for a month or two. If you want to get help through this process, get into a residential rehab treatment program.

What are the common symptoms of withdrawal for benzos?

Every person may have different symptoms but overall one can expect to be somewhat uncomfortable. They may have emotional or physical symptoms. Some people experience anxiety or depression. Others may have an even more difficult time with their previous mental health issues. Some will have migraines or body tremors.

Should you taper or go cold turkey?

While there is not one exact right or wrong answer, some people say it is less uncomfortable to taper off from the benzos. Others say it is nearly impossible to go off the drugs if you taper down. No matter what, it is advised to go under supervision of a residential rehab treatment program when going off from drugs.

Now that you have further knowledge about the withdrawals from benzos, you can call the rehab facility and get help to overcome the addiction. When there, you will get supervision and care during the process of withdrawing from the benzos.

What Will Partial Hospitalization Offer for Your Recovery?

What Will Partial Hospitalization Offer for Your Recovery?

When you are heading into recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, the treatment you get does matter. At first, you may not know what type of treatment you need but will some trial and error you can get it right. Some recovering addicts get it right on their first try but if you don’t just keep going. One of the options you have is partial hospitalization which can help you overcome addiction. If you are looking to get drug rehab help, consider this as one of your options.

Group Therapy Sessions

If you attend a partial hospitalization program, you may get to attend group therapy sessions. These are mainly used to help you learn ways to prevent relapse, build upon your strengths and learning better communication skills. When you get together with the other recovering addicts, you connect in a way that you may not be able to connect with others at this time. That can be an amazing feeling that transforms the way you live in recovery. If you are getting drug rehab help, this may be what you need.

One-on-One Therapy Sessions

You can also get one-on-one therapy sessions in the partial hospitalization program. This means you will be meeting with an addiction recovery therapist. It will be just the two of you so you can focus. The main purpose of this is to give you a chance to work on yourself, to focus on you and what you need. Different topics and subjects may come up after the therapist gets to know you. It is custom-based around your needs and wants for living in recovery and getting drug rehab help.

Dual-Diagnosis Help

You might also get dual-diagnosis help when going to a partial hospitalization program as well. This is the type of treatment someone may need if they have a drug or alcohol addiction along with a mental health disorder. These things need to be treated at the same time or one could trigger the other. If they aren’t treated together, it could take a lot longer for you to get and stay clean and sober.


Addiction recovery meetings are generally a part of the partial hospitalization programs too. These are designed to help you bring better relationships and better skills into your life. They are helpful in keeping your accountable for your sobriety so you can prevent a relapse as well.

If you are looking for drug rehab help, a partial hospitalization program may be what you need to consider.

Amenities You May Be Able to Expect in High Class Rehab Centers

Amenities You May Be Able to Expect in High Class Rehab Centers

With so many rehab centers in the nation, there are many choices for when you are ready to overcome addiction. The truth is that some addicts need different amenities or recovery tools to help them overcome addiction. Some people need more of these options and others just need somewhere they can get support. When going to residential alcohol treatment centers, if you want a lot of amenities available to you, look for the high class rehab centers. They have some options you can’t find in other rehabs.


Did you know that yoga can be used as a form of therapy? When you get into high class rehab centers, you may have yoga as part of your treatment plan. While you are stretching, you will also be carefully working with your breathing. This clears the mind and the inner being which can be very therapeutic. If this is something you may be interested in, call residential alcohol treatment centers today to see if it is something they offer.


Massage is another form of therapy, especially for those who suffer from physical pain. When the muscles and body are tense, it is difficult to think straight. Additionally, when everything in the body is tense, the risk of relapse is higher as well. If you want to stay clean and sober after your treatment, it may be best to attend high class rehab centers that offer massage therapy. This is something that only some of the residential alcohol treatment centers offer.

Custom Meals

When looking into the high class rehab centers, you may also find that some of them have a trained and experienced chef. They will make your custom meals and everything will be healthy and fresh. Studies show that healthier, more nutritional foods help addicts recover from their addiction. If this sounds good, call residential alcohol treatment centers to see if they have a talented chef on their staff.

Private Rooms

It might be important to you that you have your own, private room. This way you don’t need to share your living space and you can keep some of your time to yourself. You will still have other times where you mingle and participate in activities with the other residents. However, you will have your own private space in the residential alcohol treatment centers.

These are some of the amenities offered in high class rehab centers. Call today to see what amenities are available to you!

Examples of Treatment Help Offered in a Rehab Center

Examples of Treatment Help Offered in a Rehab Center

If you have never gone to a rehab center before there will be many new things you may run into. Today you will find out some examples of treatment offered during 12 step programs. Each rehab is a little varied from the next. However, it is helpful to know some of the treatments many other recovering addicts have received. These benefit people and can change lives.


There are many types of detox programs available. However, the ones that are done in the rehab center options available to you have been proven to work. Thousands of other addicts have started overcoming their addiction with the help of a detox program. Some addicts need medically assisted detox while others will do fine with no medications to help them through this process.

Comfortable Living Space

When you are going to the rehab center, you will be offered a comfortable living space. Some 12 step programs are done in facilities where you may have roommates. Other facilities may have everyone in their own room. This could vary so be sure to call the rehab center to ask if this is something important for you. Either way, rehab centers are a safe, comfortable and clean place for you to stay while you overcome addiction.

Personalized Treatment

As you go through 12 step programs in the rehab center, you will get personalized treatment as well. At the beginning of your stay and at different points throughout the stay, an assessment will be done to see what treatment needs you may have. Your recovery and treatment plans will be adjusted accordingly.

Healthy Lifestyle

When going to the rehab center, through the 12 step programs, you will also have the opportunity for getting into a healthier lifestyle. Not only will you have detoxed from drugs and alcohol but you will have better foods available in each meal. The rehabs offer healthy and nutritional foods. Many even have fitness programs as part of the recovering addict’s treatment plan.

If you want to overcome an addiction and have been thinking about going to a rehab center, hopefully knowing more about what is available to you will help. There are many ways to overcome addiction. Most recovering addicts have success with an inpatient rehab stay. Find out what type of program works for your life and recovery and stick with it through to the end.

You Can Stick with Sobriety During the Holidays

You Can Stick with Sobriety During the Holidays

While it isn’t quite that time of the year yet, it is flying up before anyone is ready and that is the time for holidays. In just a few short months, everyone will be running around trying to plan for holiday parties and getting gifts. For many, especially some recovering addicts who have gotten alcoholism help, the stress can be overwhelming. If you want to stick with sobriety during the holidays, these tips are going to guide your way.

Have a Party of Your Own

Dealing with the stress and busy-ness around the holidays can be a real downer. It can lead you to relapse if you aren’t careful. You may get invitations to people’s parties where alcohol will be served or where people may be under the influence of drugs. You might be asked to go out to bars. If you want to stick with sobriety during these times, you should have a party of your own. You can keep it simple and just invite a few sober friends. That way, you don’t need to worry about going anywhere and being put in a situation where you won’t be comfortable.

Keep Reminding Yourself

What should you remind yourself of? Remind yourself of how you felt after you woke up from the last holiday party you were drunk or high at. You probably woke up with a splitting headache, a stomachache, dizziness or just feeling horrible. If you want to stick with sobriety during the holidays, keep reminding yourself that you will feel much better if you don’t use again. You will feel much better that you once again prevented a relapse.

Ask Others for Support

Sometimes trying to stick with sobriety around the holidays all on your own can be a real war. You may be battling with your thoughts about whether you should just let go and do what others are doing or whether you should stay sober. Some people may even be trying to tell you that you can just use or drink this once. If you want to stay sober, ask others for support. Maybe you know someone from a support group who will be there for you. They may be able to spend some time with you during the holiday weeks to keep you occupied.

These are some of the ways you can stick with sobriety during the holidays. After you have gotten alcoholism help, you want to do everything in your power to stay sober. These tips can help you even during the most stressful times.