Side Effects and Dangers of Using Ketamine

Side Effects and Dangers of Using Ketamine

Ketamine can cause many negative side effects. The exact ones might vary from one person to the next. However, it is important to know the common effects that could be caused by this drug. By doing so, people who have been using it, may be finally be able to see they need help from residential treatment centers. They need help going through detox and into recovery.

General Effects

When someone has been using Ketamine, they could be setting themselves up for general side effects. These might include higher heart rate, detaching from oneself and others, higher blood pressure and depression. They might have memory issues, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, mood changes, lowered cognitive functioning and possibly fatal respiratory problems. If you have experienced any of these side effects, please seek out help from residential treatment centers.

More Severe Side Effects

There are some other more severe side effects too. These could include temporary paralysis, choking, reduced pain, injuring oneself, lack of self-control, impulsive and others as well. These are side effects that are not taken lightly. They are dangerous and could cause you to lose your life. Let residential treatment centers save your life from these side effects.

Long-Term Negative and Harmful Effects

There are many people who will experience long-term negative and harmful effects from using Ketamine as well. Of course, some of the already-mentioned side effects and dangers could turn into long-term issues but there are others as well. Those who have been using this drug could incur permanent bladder issues, heart problems, ulcers in the stomach and much more. When these things occur, it is important to get into residential treatment centers and see a doctor. You can start overcoming the addiction to this drug so you can prevent any further issues.

Using Ketamine can be extremely dangerous. It isn’t one of those drugs that only offers limited side effects and that is it. This is a harmful, dangerous and often fatal drug. The side effects that often happen are not worth it. Many of those who are going to residential treatment centers for a Ketamine addiction have learnt that the side effects aren’t worth risking their life for. They have learnt that it is time to push through and overcome the addiction. You can do this as well. You can push your way into a clean and recovering lifestyle. Call residential treatment centers today!

What are the Side Effects of Doing Mushrooms?

What are the Side Effects of Doing Mushrooms?

Far too many people develop an addiction to drugs and some of them never overcome it. If you have an addiction to drugs, make a change right now. Trust in the help you can get from residential rehab treatment, so you can save your own life. One of the drugs that is often used is mushrooms. These are very dangerous and lead to many side effects. Maybe knowing more about this can help you to get treatment.

General Effects

Doing mushrooms is very dangerous. It can cause many general effects. These may start with altered perception, excessive hunger, euphoria, heightened feelings and extreme body temperature alterations. Doing this drug can also cause difficulties sleeping, loss of appetite, senses being crossed and detaching from oneself. It can lead to lowered inhibitions and paranoia as well. Some people who have an addiction to this drug will become psychotic too. If you have had any of these side effects or even used this drug, please call residential rehab treatment today.

Severe Effects

Some of the above-mentioned side effects are more severe. The lowered inhibitions can lead someone to do very dangerous things such as having unprotected intercourse, driving while under the influence of the drug and getting into violent altercations. Doing mushrooms can lead to heart attacks, panic attacks and even seizures. Don’t let your addiction to this drug get this far. Even if you have used mushrooms before and these things haven’t happened, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.

Withdrawal Symptoms

You could experience many withdrawal symptoms when on mushrooms as well. When you haven’t used this drug in days or possibly even hours, you might have insomnia, depression, flashbacks, excessive sleepiness, stress, chills, vomiting and more. These things can be very tough to deal with and when withdrawing on your own at home, you are more likely to go back to using the drug. You can go to a detox program at the residential rehab treatment program and get help during this process.

These are some of the side effects that you should know about when using mushrooms. These drugs are very dangerous. The “trips’ that people have when using this drug can even cause them to commit suicide. Don’t let this drug take away any more from your life. You can overcome the addiction with the help of the professionals at the residential rehab treatment facility.

What Are the Side Effects When Using Steroids?

What are the Side Effects When Using Steroids?

There are some people who are prescribed steroids and there are some people who take them illegally as well. The 12 step programs are available for anyone who needs help in overcoming an addiction to this drug. Today, you will read about some of the side effects that happen when using steroids. Hopefully, this might help you to see that help is there, if you need it to overcome an addiction. It could also give people the information they need to help others in preventing addiction as well.

General Effect of Steroids

When using steroids, there are some general side effects that everyone should know about. The ones that are used for medical purposes are actually positive. Things can be treated with this drug such as anemia and osteoporosis. Delayed puberty, hormonal imbalances and breast cancer are treated with this drug too. However, when abused or taken illegally, the side effects from steroids becomes much more negative.

Negative Side Effects from This Drug

Those who are using steroids illegally could experience a wide range of negative side effects. These could harm the body and lead to serious problems as well. The issues might include acne, heart diseases, higher blood pressure, hair loss, gynecomastia, infertility and liver disease. Other issues and side effects might be higher risk of infection, growth stunts and major mood swings. These side effects could be very damaging and some could even lead to death.

Withdrawal Symptoms from Using This Drug

There are also many withdrawal symptoms that should be known about with steroids. Those who have an addiction to this drug should get help from 12 step programs. The program could help to overcome the addiction and there are detox facilities available to help someone overcome the use of the drug as well. The withdrawal symptoms may include mood swings, fatigue, cravings, depression, restlessness and vomiting. Anyone who is experiencing these symptoms should seek help.

There are various side effects to different drugs. For those who have developed an addiction to a drug, the side effects may be much worse. With steroids, it can be very tough to overcome the addiction. That is when it might be helpful to go to 12 step programs and possibly even through an inpatient rehab. If you have had any of these effects or if you have been using steroids illegally, please look into getting help.

Stages of Drunkenness Everyone Should Know About

Stages of Drunkenness Everyone Should Know About

There are many people who can drink responsibility but there are also millions who develop an alcohol addiction as well. When it comes to the consumption of alcohol, residential drug treatment centers want people to know there are different stages of drunkenness and some of them are very dangerous. It is important that everyone knows about these stages and seeks help if they have drunk too much.


The first stage of drunkenness is sobriety. This is when the blood alcohol content is 0 to .05 percent. This happens when someone isn’t drinking or just started drinking. They may not seem intoxicated at all. If someone has one drink each hour, they would still probably fall into this stage. Even when at .01 to .05 percent, judgment and reaction time could be a little impaired depending on tolerance level. If someone can stop at this point and not drink any more, they may not need help from residential drug treatment centers.


The second stage of drunkenness is euphoria which has a blood alcohol content of .03 to .12 percent. During this stage, intoxication is at a peak. The person might feel tipsy. With most women this is after 1 or 2 drinks and most men 2 or 3 drinks. Someone might feel more talkative. If someone is driving in this condition, they can be arrested. If you have been driving during or after this stage, ask residential drug treatment centers for help.


This stage is from .09 to .25 percent. The person is feeling excited and they are intoxicated. With women, this is usually at 2 to 4 drinks in one hour. With men, it is usually at 3 to 5 drinks in one hour. Vision may be blurry, drowsiness may occur and the person may be uncoordinated.


With this stage, the blood alcohol content is .18 to .30 percent. This is when the person is drunk and on the level of possible alcohol poisoning. They have had a lot of drinks in one hour. They may stagger words and walking and blackout too.

Near Unconsciousness

This stage of drunkenness is from .25 to .4 percent. The person has alcohol poisoning, passes out, may vomit and lose control of their bodily functions. It is important this person gets medical attention right away. Also, for anyone reaching this stage, getting help from residential drug treatment centers is necessary.

Coma and Death

The final stage is at .35 to .45 which is coma and death. Body temperature is lowered, breathing problems increase and death is very likely.

If you have found yourself in any of the further stages of drunkenness, even once, please ask someone for help.

Holistic Ways to Improve Memory in the Early Recovery Days

Holistic Ways to Improve Memory During the Early Recovery Days

There are various holistic ways to improve memory during the early recovery days. You should know that it is normal for recovering addicts to have issues with memory. It takes the body time to readjust without the harmful substances in the body. Drugs and alcohol can cause loss of memory and many addicts have suppressed a lot of memories as well. It is helpful to improve memory so you can work through your past and have a better future. Residential alcohol treatment centers will help you learn how to better your memory as well.

Brain Workouts

There are various brain workouts you can use when you are working to improve memory. During your recovering lifestyle, these workouts can also help you to relax, focus and keep your emotions in check as well. There are many websites, apps and books that have brain exercises you can do. Some of the most recommended by residential alcohol treatment centers are math problems, problem solving and recognizing patterns. It is recommended that you do these 10 minutes a day.

Exercise Daily

You should also be exercise daily if you want to improve memory in the early recovery days. Exercising is one of the most important tools you can use in your recovery. It can help reduce stress, manage emotions, improve your memory, give you better physical fitness, improve your energy and help you see things in a brighter way. If you would like to have a better early recovery, make sure you are exercising daily. Many of the residential alcohol treatment centers have the patients exercising regularly.

Sleeping Well

You can improve memory in the early recovery days by sleeping well. It is recommended you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. You can get more than that in the early recovery days if you feel you need it. Just make sure you aren’t sleeping too much after that first week of sobriety or that could lead to depression. Sleeping well can help you to remember some things that you wouldn’t if you had a bad sleep schedule.

These are some of the ways you can improve memory while you are in the early recovery days. The tips mentioned here today are also recommended by residential alcohol treatment centers for later in your recovering lifestyle as well. Try doing these things each day.

Can a Drug Intervention Be Beneficial to a Drug Addict?

Can a Drug Intervention Be Beneficial to a Drug Addict?

Knowing what you can do to help a drug addict get clean is very helpful. It gives you the best opportunity to put yourself into a situation with addict in order to help them. Can a drug intervention be beneficial for the person with the addiction? This is something commonly asked by those who know a person who suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction. It can be extremely helpful for them and that is a situation you may want to put yourself in so you can offer them drug rehab help.

Feeling Loved

Even though it may not seem like it directly when a drug intervention begins, holding this meeting can help the drug addict to see that there are people who love them. It can help them to see that people out there want to help them get clean and live a better life. If you are looking to offer someone drug rehab help, you can have this meeting with other loved ones and friends of the addict so you can show them you do still love them.

Need to Stop Doing Drugs

When you hold a drug intervention, you are also showing the drug addict that they do need to stop doing drugs. It is for their own health, well-being and relationships. You aren’t holding the meeting for your own benefit but to offer them the help they need. Getting them to agree to drug rehab help may take some time but at least by holding this meeting you are letting them know others recognize their addiction. You are letting them know that others believe they need to stop doing drugs.

Learning Skills in Rehab

The drug intervention can be extremely beneficial to the drug addict if they accept your offer for them to get drug rehab help as well. Once they get into rehab, there are many life skills and personal skills they can learn. They will be able to connect with themselves on a much deeper t level than they probably have in a long time.

These are some of the reasons why a drug intervention can be such a great thing for a drug addict. If you would like them to get drug rehab help, hold this meeting with other loved ones and friends of theirs. Let the person with the addiction know you all just want to see them overcome their addiction.

Is an Intervention Needed for Your Loved One?

Is an Intervention Needed for Your Loved One?

Many people want to know how they can get their loved one alcoholism help. They want to know what is the best possible course of action to get the alcoholic to recognize that they do need addiction treatment. One of the most beneficial things you can do is to hold an intervention. This can help the alcoholic to see that their family members and friends care deeply about them and what happens to them as well. Is this type of meeting needed for your loved one?

They Haven’t Gotten Help

One of the ways you know an intervention is what your loved one needs is if they haven’t gotten alcoholism help on their own yet. If they can’t see that their addiction is ruining their life, they need to have others show them. They may still be in denial and not even think they need to get treatment. However, that is why holding this meeting is so important. You and others in their life are talking to them about why they need to get help.

Don’t Believe in Themselves

Another reason why your loved one may need an intervention is if they don’t believe in themselves. Maybe they have very low self-confidence. They also may not think they deserve to live a good life because of things they have done or because of things that have happened to them. This meeting is going to help them to see that even if they don’t currently believe in themselves, there are others who do. There are others who will help to hold them up until they get alcoholism help and recovery treatment.

Mental Health Problems

If your loved one has mental health problems, that is just another reason why they need to have an intervention. Anyone who suffers from a mental health issue and an addiction does need to get alcoholism help. They need to have both these issues treated at the same time in order for them to recover. This is best done during an inpatient rehab program stay. This can be talked about during the meeting.

These are some of the reasons why your loved one does need an intervention. Now that you know this, you can determine when to hold this meeting and who to invite. Make it happen sooner so you can start helping your loved one right away. It could change their life.

Have You Been Self-Medicating with Marijuana?


 Have You Been Self-Medicating with Marijuana?

There are many people who use and abuse drugs of all sorts. Now that marijuana has become medically legal in some states, more and more people are getting the medical marijuana card. Even though many who get it may not need it, there are others who don’t have the card who have been self-medicating with marijuana. They use this drug to treat pain, stomach issues, nerve issues, headaches, anxiety and many other issues as well. Have you been self-medicating with this drug? If so, you should call residential treatment centers today.

Treating Issues without Seeing a Doctor First

If you have been treating issues you have with your body, without seeing a doctor first, you could be self-medicating with marijuana. You might be treating migraines, anxiety or pain. It might feel as if you need the drug. However, if you don’t see a doctor, it might be difficult to know what is medically necessary. You are choosing to take it into your own hands instead. This is when you might want to call residential treatment centers to handle your use of this drug.

Using More Than Needed

While there is no one way to say what is needed of this drug, even if you have the medical marijuana card, you might be using more than needed if:

  • You have been using more than what treats the underlying issue.
  • You’re using enough to make you more than “just high”.
  • You are using every day or even multiple times each day.

These are some of the ways to tell if you have been using more than needed. If you are, then likely you are self-medicating with this drug and you might need help from residential treatment centers.

Using without Care of Your Responsibilities

If you have been slacking on your responsibilities, then you might be self-medicating with marijuana. This drug is very easy to abuse and develop an addiction too. When you do develop that addiction or abuse of the drug, it might be your main focus. If you have been letting your responsibilities go, you could use help from residential treatment centers today.

These are some of the ways to tell if you have been self-medicating with marijuana. If you have please don’t hesitate to get help from the residential treatment centers right away. The quicker you make the call for addiction treatment, the quicker you can overcome your marijuana addiction.

What Could Cause the Intervention to Fail?

What Could Cause an Intervention to Fail?

There are many things that could cause an intervention to fail. Not having supportive people in the meeting place could lead to failure and many other things as well. The residential rehab treatment program wants to give you tips on how to hold the intervention for the highest chances of success. Sometimes you will need to hold more than one meeting to get through to the addict. If you want to reach them sooner, the chances are better with these tips mentioned below.

Blaming the Addict

One of the things that could cause an intervention to fail is if you are blaming the addict. If there is anyone present who put blame onto the addict, the person with the addiction could get immediately defensive. Blaming the addict is not helpful. It only causes them to think you and the others in the meeting don’t care about what is happening to them. They will feel as if you are only judging them and what they have done. If you want them to go to a residential rehab treatment program, blaming them is not the way.

Asking Too Many Questions

If you start asking too many questions of the addict, this could cause the intervention to fail as well. They may feel overwhelmed with your line of questioning. They may also get confused if you are asking too many questions. By asking too many questions, you are giving them time and reasons to make excuses. If you want them to start going to a residential rehab treatment program, don’t ask them too many questions.

Accusing Them of Things

During the intervention, if you start accusing the addict of things, things could fall through fast. Accusing them isn’t doing anyone any good. More than likely they will only get defensive and possibly even walk out as well. Accusing them doesn’t bring about any solutions. You can be honest but throwing accusations around won’t help them at all.

These are just some of the things that could cause an intervention to fail. If you want your loved one, friend, family member, co-worker or someone else to get into residential rehab treatment, these are some of the tips to help things move along much smoother. It is important that the person you are holding an intervention for doesn’t feel like everyone is just ganging up on them or they could become very defensive.

What Goals Should You Have in a Drug Rehab Center Program?

What Goals are There in a Drug Rehab Center Program?

Going to a drug rehab center program could change your life. There have been millions of those who have gone to residential drug treatment centers and succeeded. They have been able to overcome their addiction and be in recovery. However, it is important that any addict trying to overcome addiction, work on proper goals during their stay in the rehab program. This will help them to stay focused and on track in their recovery program.

Overcome Addiction

The main and foremost goal to have in a drug rehab center program is to overcome addiction. This is one of the goals that you should keep at the forefront of your mind every day. The earliest days are the most important and what you do during those days could help you stay sober or cause a relapse. If you are going to overcome addiction, make it your main priority and your main goal. Then, make sure you stick with it each day from that day on.

Achieving a Life of Recovery

Another one of the goals there should be while in a drug rehab center program is achieving a life of recovery. Those who are going to residential drug treatment centers will start at the beginning. They will detox and then work on setting up a positive foundation for their recovering lifestyle. By doing this, they can work with certain recovery tools to maintain sobriety and live a better life.

Managing Emotions

Another one of the goals you might want to have in a drug rehab center program is managing emotions. Most addicts, before getting into residential drug treatment centers, have a difficult time managing emotions. In fact, that is why so many addicts drink and use drugs. They find it to be a great way for hiding or covering up their emotions. When going through a rehab program, make it a priority to manage your emotions so you can be more emotionally stable.

Coping Skills

Another one of the goals you might want to have in the drug rehab center program is coping skills. These will help you to fight off triggers and keep your cravings under control. When there is something tough going on in your life, these skills will help you out.

These are some of the goals that you might want to have in the drug rehab center program. Try working on them soon.