Detox Program Options: What Do You Need to Know?

Detox Program Options: What Do You Need to Know?

If you have been suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, detox is the next step. Detoxing allows you to get out of the slump you are in during the addictive lifestyle. It allows you to escape the grasp these harmful substances have over you. If you are ready or tired of living with an addiction, going into a detox program is what you need to do. Many addicts are scared to detox because they think they will be in inpatient for a long time. That is not the only option you have. There are some things you need to know about 12 step programs and the detox programs offered.

Outpatient Detox

One of the options you have for recovering through 12 step programs is the outpatient detox program. It requires you to enter into the rehab facility or even the hospital for long enough to detox from drugs or alcohol. Some people can do this in a few hours and others may need approximately a 2 week stay. With this program, there aren’t many things the client needs to do. The client is not monitored as strictly after detoxing and the responsibility is entirely on the recovering person to stay sober and clean. You can live at home after the outpatient detox.

Inpatient Detox

Some addicts need to go through inpatient detox and recovery programs. Those who have moderate to severe addictions should go this route. They will be medically supervised while detoxing. You will be safe in the structured rehab center and there will be close monitoring to help you from relapsing. When finished with the detox program at inpatient 12 step programs, you will go into inpatient rehab for a bit. This will help you learn about recovery in another structured environment. This option does usually cost a bit more but insurance often covers it.

Detoxing from alcohol and drugs does take a lot but you can accomplish it. The detox program options mentioned above are offered at hospitals or rehab centers. There have been many successful recovering addicts who never thought they could do anything with their life. Do you want to be the person who takes over your own life, takes back the reins? If so, you have an option today. Will you pick up your phone and call the detox program or the rehab facility today to get help in overcoming the addiction?

Detox Facility: What Do You Need to Know?

Detox Facility: What Do You Need to Know?

Going to a detox facility can be one of the scariest things you will ever do but don’t worry. The more you know, the less scary it becomes. The truth is that living an addictive lifestyle is scarier than going through detox. Once you make it through detoxing, you will be happier and free from alcohol and drugs. Going to residential alcohol treatment centers gives you an opportunity for living a better life. So, what is it that you need to know about detox facilities?

What do detox facilities treat?

People who have suffered from drug or alcohol addictions should go to detox facilities. Their body needs time to adjust to not using alcohol and drugs. The residential alcohol treatment centers can provide a safe environment for this to happen. Many of the detox facilities also have doctors on staff to help treat mental health issues that co-occur with the addiction.

What happens at the beginning with a detox facility?

When going to a detox facility at residential alcohol treatment centers, you will start with the orientation and the assessment. The professional staff will determine how severe the addiction has been and where your mental health lies at the time. They will create a plan with you that is customized around the treatment you need. During this time frame, the doctors will also assess your physical state to see if any treatment needs done in that aspect.

What happens after the original assessment?

After the original assessment is done, you will start the detoxing process. You may have some withdrawal symptoms which is why it is even more important to detox at residential alcohol treatment centers. When there, you will have the supervision and care needed to overcome the detoxing process. The doctors may prescribe certain medications for easing the withdrawal symptoms.

What happens after detoxing?

Once you have finished detoxing at the detox facility, usually after around one week, you may go home or continue treatment at the recovery center. Some people stay in the recovery center for a short time while others stay for up to a year, depending on the programs offered.

These are some of the things you may want to know about the detox facility. Don’t be scared, push through it and start overcoming addiction today!

What Are Some Drug Detox Programs That Are Available?

What Are Some Drug Detox Programs That Are Available?

When it comes to deciding that you will let go of your addictive lifestyle, calling a residential rehab treatment as soon as possible is a great idea. You can ask questions about detoxing, express your concerns and get enrolled into the program. Some people think the only way to detox is through an inpatient program. While that is best for many people who suffer from an addiction, there are some other drug detox programs available as well.

Going Cold Turkey

There are some addicts who are able to go cold turkey. This is one of the drug detox programs in which someone just quits drinking or using drugs. The is tried by many but for some it won’t be successful. When someone stops using harmful substances abruptly without any supervision, they could have a difficult time with the withdrawals. This may send them back into their addictive ways worse than they were before. It is best to call the residential rehab treatment program before making this choice.

Detox in an Outpatient Facility

Another one of the drug detox programs is through an outpatient facility. This is done through a doctor or addiction treatment facility. The person going through this process will get therapy, services and supervision from a doctor during the withdrawals process and have support. This is cheaper than going to inpatient detox but it may not have enough benefits for people with a severe addiction. This might be the best treatment for someone who is very motivated, has a lot of will power and will follow the detoxing plan.

Detox in an Inpatient Facility

Detoxing through an inpatient facility is another one of the drug detox programs. This is when the addict enters into the inpatient facility to detox. They live in the center and get 24/7 care and supervision. There will be doctors on staff who take care of your withdrawal symptoms. If you have a severe addiction and can’t seem to quit on your own, this might be the best option for you.

These are some of the best drug detox programs available. Some people who have a minor addiction may be able to go cold turkey. There might be some addicts who can go through the outpatient facility detox program. However, many of the addicts do need an inpatient detox program to successfully overcome their addiction. Call today to find out what might be the best for you!

What Factors Affect the Type of Detox Program Which Might be Right for You?

What Factors Affect the Type of Detox Program Which Might be Right for You?

There are many factors that could affect the type of detox program which might be right for you. You must begin to realize you are an individual and you deserve to be treated like one. When you go to residential drug treatment centers, you will get individualized care. Before you enter the program, you may want to learn which detox program will be best for you. Today, you will get the information you need to make a choice that will help you get into recovery.

Substances You Used

One of the factors that affect the type of detox program you should attend is the substances you used. Whether you used alcohol or drugs or a combination of them will make a difference. The types of drugs you used if you have a drug addiction will affect the kind of detoxing program you should attend. There are some drugs as well as alcohol that cause more severe withdrawal symptoms. For those, you may need a stricter and more supervised detox program.

Time of Using

The time frame in which you used drugs or alcohol is a factor for the type of detox program that might be right for you. If you were only living an addictive lifestyle for a year or less, you may not need a longer detoxing program. It may not need to be as strict either. However, if you had an addictive lifestyle for many years, the stricter program is probably best.

Severity of the Addiction

The severity of the addiction is a factor in the type of detox program that will be best for you. This goes hand in hand with the length of the addiction as well. Although, some people could have lived an addictive lifestyle for a long time and not have that severe of an addiction. If you have a severe addiction, getting into the residential drug treatment centers immediately is the right thing to do.

These are some of the factors that determine which detox program might be best for you. There are various types of detoxing that could benefit you the most. When going to residential drug treatment centers, you can get an individualized treatment plan. Talk to someone today to see which detoxing program is going to be the best for your recovering lifestyle. It all starts with making it through that process.

What is a Detox Program and Will it Help You?

What is a Detox Program and Will it Help You?

The detox program is something that helps addicts get harmful substances out of their body. Many addicts have gone years using and abusing drugs or alcohol. Their body is accustomed to these substances. To leave an addictive lifestyle behind, the addict needs to go through detox. Many residential drug treatment centers have this kind of program available. If you want to start getting rid of addictive ways and creating the life you deserve, the detox program is something that could help you. It might be difficult. However, once you get through the symptoms of detoxing, you can move onto the process of recovering.

What to Find in a Good Detox Rehab Center?

If you are ready to get into a life of recovery, let the residential drug treatment centers help you. They offer many amazing detox rehab center programs based on specific addictions and situations. These programs are monitored by doctors and nurses. Many will provide around the clock care as well. They know that is the greatest way for those with addictions to get through it successfully. It might be helpful for you to find a detox program that has patient reviews. You will read about how the patients felt about the care they got from the rehab center.

What to Ask When Calling the Detox Program?

One of the ways you will know more whether a detox program is going to help you is by calling them. It is normal to have many questions when it comes to getting clean and sober. Go ahead and call to ask these questions or talk about worries you may have. How long is the detox rehab center program? Will you go directly to an inpatient care center for the recovery program after detoxing? How many people will be in this program? These are just some of the many commonly asked questions when calling the detox program. Residential drug treatment centers are here to answer any question you may have.

This is some of the basic information you may want to have before going into a detox program. As mentioned above, these are commonly asked questions. Don’t be afraid to ask any others you may have. It is helpful to have a good understanding of how the program works before you get in there. You can overcome an addiction and the detox program is able to help you with that.

What Should You Know About Alcohol Detoxing?

What Should You Know About Alcohol Detoxing?

When you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction, you may need to get into a detox program at residential alcohol treatment centers. At the centers, they have professionals who can help you to get sober and clean. The doctors, nurses and other staff members will make sure you are safe throughout this process and that you have a good basis for beginning your life in recovery. If you want to know more about alcohol detoxing, this is the place to do that.

What is alcohol detoxing?

The detoxing time is when someone quits using alcohol. This isn’t through quitting gradually but doing so all at once. When the body goes through the detox process, toxins are flushed out. This process is tough for many alcoholics because they have become dependent upon the alcohol. By knocking these toxins out of the body, you give yourself a fresh slate for your recovery to be founded upon. If this sounds like something you need, get into the detox program at residential alcohol treatment centers right away.

How long is alcohol detoxing?

Generally, this process is a maximum of ten days. Although, it could vary depending on some factors. It might vary based on how severe the addiction is and how long the addiction has been going on. The amount that someone has been drinking and their health and age could play a factor in this as well. If you are curious about how long it may be for you, call the residential alcohol treatment centers today.

What are the expectations with alcohol detoxing?

Many people know that a detoxing program is needed if they are going to get out from under their addictive lifestyle but they are worried about the detoxing symptoms. The truth is that it could be uncomfortable but the residential alcohol treatment centers will make it safe and as uncomfortable as possible. Beginning within in the six to ten hours, the symptoms may begin. You might have insomnia, anxiety, diarrhea or nausea. At around the twenty-four hour mark, you may have a higher heart rate, get sweaty and have an increased temperature. Around the seventy-two hour mark, these symptoms will be at the peak and then will start declining greatly. Studies show around five percent of those in detox will have delirium tremens and these are safely monitored at the rehab facility.

These are some of the things you should know about alcohol detoxing. If you are an alcoholic, call the residential alcohol treatment centers right away.

How to Handle Cravings When Detoxing

How to Handle Cravings When Detoxing

When you are getting ready to live a sober lifestyle, detoxing is what you need to do first. There are many people who are able to make it through a detox program with minimal problems. However, the reality of the matter is that most people experience many cravings when going through detox. This is why it is almost always recommended to detox through residential treatment centers. If you want to handle cravings the best you possibly can, here are some tips to help.

Cravings Are Completely Normal

The first thing to know is that cravings are completely normal. There is no point in beating yourself down because you have a craving. You don’t need to feel guilty when you crave alcohol or drugs either. When you remind yourself that these are normal and accept it, you will have better chances of overcoming any craving you may have. Just remember if you need help in dealing with them, call residential treatment centers today.


Another way you can handle cravings when detoxing is to get enough exercise. If you are going to residential treatment centers, you might get regular exercise, depending on the program you are attending. Many of the rehab centers offer fitness as part of the treatment plan. Exercising can be done in many ways including lifting weights, dancing, jogging or even biking. This will give you something positive to do so you don’t go back to using.

Change Your Scene

You can also handle cravings for drugs or alcohol by changing your scene. Sometimes you may get bored because you are doing the same thing over and over. You may also be in a negative part of your life and you need a way to cope. If you change your scene, you can overcome the urge to drink or use drugs. One way to change your scene is to go into residential treatment centers.

Lean on Others

Whether you are in residential treatment centers or detoxing from home, you should have a healthy support network. That way when you have the urge to drink or use drugs, you can lean on others. They can help to bring more positivity into your life. They can help you to handle your urges as well.

Going through cravings when detoxing is normal, however, if you are having a rough time don’t forget you can reach out for help at any time.


Is Medical Detox What You Need?

Is Medical Detox What You Need?

There are some addicts who try and try again to get clean and sober. They follow through with different treatment programs but nothing seems to work. If this sounds like the effort you have put forward but things haven’t worked out for you, check into medical detox from residential treatment centers. It may be just what you need. Even if you have never sought treatment for your addiction before, this could still be the right decision for you to make.

Types of Drugs You Have Used

One of the first things to determine when deciding whether you need medical detox from residential treatment centers is the types of drugs you have used. If you have used alcohol or drugs almost daily or daily, you may need this kind of detox. If the severity of the withdrawals you get from the drug you used is rough, you should also get this type of detox.

Amount of Substance Used

You should also think about the amount of the substance you had used. If you drank many bottles of alcohol each time you drank, you could benefit from this kind of detox. When you have used more prescription pills than prescribed, you may need this type of detox. If you used illegal drugs on a very regular basis, you may need a medical detox program.

Use of Other Kinds of Drugs

There are some drugs such as steroids, narcotics and stimulants that often have miserable withdrawal symptoms along with them. If you have used or abused these kinds of drugs, you may want to check into medical detox. They will help ease symptoms and make sure your blood pressure is regulated throughout the detoxing process as well.

Detoxing at Home

If you are still not sure if you should go with a medical detoxing program from residential treatment centers, you should call today. There are some addicts who detox from their addiction on their own. If you had only use substances in smaller doses or not as often, you may be able to do you detox program in your own home. You should call to see if this is best for you though.

There are many residential treatment centers that offer medical detoxing programs. If you are having a difficult time figuring out if you need this type of detoxing, make sure you contact the rehab today. They will help you figure out if it is the best decision for you.


Learn All You Can About Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

Learn All You Can About Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

There are many people with addictions to drugs and alcohol. Even though some are able to overcome their addiction, they may still experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms. If you are one of the lucky ones who get the chance to overcome your addiction, you may learn about these symptoms from residential rehab treatment. Learn more about all of this today.

What are these symptoms?

The post-acute withdrawal symptoms happen when someone has abused drugs or alcohol for a long time and then stopped using. Many times these symptoms will come off as depression. They will impact that persons’ mood in profound ways. The person who is experiencing these symptoms will not only lose their happiness, they will also have other issues too. They may have issues sleeping and more. It is essential that these symptoms be recognized as soon as possible so treatment can be figured out. Call a residential rehab treatment if you have these symptoms.

What are ways to spot these symptoms?

There are different ways that these symptoms can be spotted. Generally, these post-acute withdrawal symptoms are going to start between four and eight weeks after you have stopped using drugs or alcohol. This is the time that most cognitive impairments are likely to happen. If you start having major cravings for drugs or alcohol or major panic attacks or anxiety or suicidal thoughts, these are all part of the symptoms.

What should you do about these symptoms?

If you are experiencing these symptoms be sure you call a residential rehab treatment program right away. You can fight off these symptoms. Detox is the first step in treating the post-acute withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms resulted from your brain being adjusted to functioning without drugs or alcohol. It takes time for your brain to adjust and you can get help from a residential rehab treatment program while you are adjusting. You don’t have to fight these alone, call for help today.

Now that you know more about post-acute withdrawal symptoms, you know the best way to handle them is to call a residential rehab treatment program. You shouldn’t fight these on your own because that could cause you to use even more. Once you recognize them, you should make the call. These may not be as dangerous as some other things but they can be extremely uncomfortable. There are ways to treat them and make it easier for you to get past them. Get help right away.

Medically Supervised Detox Helps in Overcoming Addiction

Medically Supervised Detox Helps in Overcoming Addiction

When ready to overcome addiction, medically supervised detox helps. This is when you detox inside a residential facility. They have doctors and nurses on staff to help you feel more comfortable when experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal. You might have physical and psychological symptoms and being with a team who knows what they are doing can help you to feel better about your decision to quit drinking and using drugs. After you have gone through the detox, there are 12 step programs the facility may have to help you as well.

Knowing the Withdrawal Symptoms

It is not every addict who uses medically supervised detox and 12 step programs to overcome their addiction. However, it is important that you know about the withdrawal symptoms. This is not to scare you into getting help but just so you know what you may be facing. Knowing what you might be facing can help you to make the choices that are best for you with overcoming addiction. The most known withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Irritability
  • Sleep Issues
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Concentration and Focus Problems
  • Depression
  • Sore and Painful Muscles
  • Memory Issues

When having any of the withdrawal symptoms, you may start having doubts about your recovery. However, when getting help from medically supervised detox programs, they can help you to stay strong and get knowledge of 12 step programs too.

Keeping Safe

While it is unlikely that anything horrible will happen from withdrawal symptoms, it is best that you stay as safe as possible during this time. With medically supervised detox they can provide you with as comfortable of a stay as possible through the process of withdrawal. They will monitor you day and night to assure you have all the care that is needed during the process. They can offer medication to ease symptoms and help you get to the bottom of your addiction. Additionally, when you have finished the detox program, they can help you get into 12 step programs too.

Medically supervised detox and 12 step programs are here for you whenever you need them. Going through detox in a supervised setting allows you feel safe, more comfortable and more support while going through the process of withdrawals. You aren’t alone and there will be doctors, nurses and others in the detox program to help you. Make the call today if you are even thinking about overcoming your addiction. You can make it!