Holistic Ways to Improve Memory in the Early Recovery Days

Holistic Ways to Improve Memory During the Early Recovery Days

There are various holistic ways to improve memory during the early recovery days. You should know that it is normal for recovering addicts to have issues with memory. It takes the body time to readjust without the harmful substances in the body. Drugs and alcohol can cause loss of memory and many addicts have suppressed a lot of memories as well. It is helpful to improve memory so you can work through your past and have a better future. Residential alcohol treatment centers will help you learn how to better your memory as well.

Brain Workouts

There are various brain workouts you can use when you are working to improve memory. During your recovering lifestyle, these workouts can also help you to relax, focus and keep your emotions in check as well. There are many websites, apps and books that have brain exercises you can do. Some of the most recommended by residential alcohol treatment centers are math problems, problem solving and recognizing patterns. It is recommended that you do these 10 minutes a day.

Exercise Daily

You should also be exercise daily if you want to improve memory in the early recovery days. Exercising is one of the most important tools you can use in your recovery. It can help reduce stress, manage emotions, improve your memory, give you better physical fitness, improve your energy and help you see things in a brighter way. If you would like to have a better early recovery, make sure you are exercising daily. Many of the residential alcohol treatment centers have the patients exercising regularly.

Sleeping Well

You can improve memory in the early recovery days by sleeping well. It is recommended you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. You can get more than that in the early recovery days if you feel you need it. Just make sure you aren’t sleeping too much after that first week of sobriety or that could lead to depression. Sleeping well can help you to remember some things that you wouldn’t if you had a bad sleep schedule.

These are some of the ways you can improve memory while you are in the early recovery days. The tips mentioned here today are also recommended by residential alcohol treatment centers for later in your recovering lifestyle as well. Try doing these things each day.

Holistic Options for Treating Your Prescription Drug Addiction

Holistic Options for Treating Your Prescription Drug Addiction

If you need treatment for a prescription drug addiction, there are many holistic options that can help you out. Residential treatment centers offer many of these tools and techniques that help you to holistically recover from the addiction. They make sure you are safe during the process and will guide you through how to use these tools and techniques for a better sobriety and recovering lifestyle.


One of the holistic options for treating a prescription drug addiction is exercising. Many addicts live with chronic pain. In fact, they probably started abusing drugs after being on prescription drugs for the pain. However, when in recovery and treatment you don’t want to use prescription pain medications. Exercising can help with the reduction of pain. Some of the residential treatment centers have physical therapists or even fitness trainers to help you find the right exercises to reduce your pain.


It can be helpful when treating your prescription drug addiction to find distractions as well. There will be times you have cravings while in the residential treatment centers and when at home. However, the distractions can help you to overcome those cravings. Studies show that when someone is distracted they aren’t in as much pain. The less pain you have, the fewer cravings you may have for the prescription drugs. You brain is preoccupied with something else and can’t focus on the pain. Reading, doing brain exercises, puzzles, playing a video game, going for a walk or hanging out with friends are all great distractions.

Getting Acupuncture

For many recovering addicts, treating a prescription pain addiction can make them more aware of their pain. However, getting acupuncture helps to relieve some pain and gets them feeling better. Acupuncture helps to get the energy in the body and the entire body into balance. It eases pain that is commonly causing someone to think of using drugs again.

These are some of the holistic options you have for treating your prescription drug addiction. If you are still experiencing pain during your recovery, know that is normal. However, there are other ways to deal with that pain instead of using prescription pain medications. You can use these holistic options and many others to help you ease the pain. Once you get in the hang of turning to holistic options, you can see that you can stay clean from drugs and live a life fully in recovery.

Peaceful Yoga Can Be Your Guide to a Beautiful Recovery

Peaceful Yoga Can Be Your Guide to a Beautiful Recovery

You can decide to have a beautiful recovery. This is a choice you get to make and if you do, happiness can be yours. Going to residential rehab treatment is great but if you don’t keep your life of sobriety and progress going in recovery, not much will change. One tool to use to guide yourself into a beautiful recovery is peaceful yoga. This is a type of meditation and exercise combination. Use it wisely to help you improve your life and recovery.

Find the Space

While you don’t need to plan every time you will do yoga, it is great to find the place for peaceful yoga. Standing in the middle of a loud office may not be the best option. When you leave residential rehab treatment, yoga is something that will help you focus your mind. It will help you bring serenity into your everyday living style. If you just need some time to calm down for a bit, it is easier if you have already planned the place to do that. Maybe you can go in your bedroom to do this. There might be room in your work break room.

Use YouTube

If you haven’t thought of this one already, you should know there are many guided peaceful yoga videos on YouTube. You may not have the time to go to a yoga class. Maybe you can’t think of calming thoughts on your own. When you use these videos on YouTube, you will get some guidance to help you through it.

Keeping Journals

Another benefit of peaceful yoga is it allows you to let go of negative thoughts and process your emotions. When you are done with yoga, it may be beneficial for you to journal your thoughts and emotions. They may be much clearer after you have done this so you can write them out better. This helps you get the thoughts and emotions out of your mind. Once you have used this tool, you can focus and make decisions much better as well.

These are some of the ways peaceful yoga will help you have a beautiful recovery. Don’t let anything stop you this time! Whether it is your first time in recovery or your fifth, use this tool to help you progress, get calm and stay sober. This is used in many residential rehab treatment programs so you know it does work.

What Holistic Treatment Might Benefit You?

What Holistic Treatment Might Benefit You?

You are deciding to turn your life in the direction of recovery. Turning your back to addictive use of alcohol and drugs will be one of the best decisions you ever make. Now that you have made this decision, you need to decide which treatment from residential drug treatment centers will be best for you. Many recovering addicts find that holistic treatment benefits them the most. Could it benefit you and if so what holistic treatments would be best?


One of the many holistic treatment options for you is exercising. At first, it may not seem like exercising will be enough to help you overcome addiction but it does offer many benefits to recovering addicts. Studies show that exercising can help to improve mood, increase self-esteem, help people to get better sleep, increase energy and improve the immune system as well. These are all benefits that could help you live a better recovering lifestyle. Many residential drug treatment centers have exercise and fitness programs.

Music and Art Therapy

Another holistic treatment that can help you heal from an addictive lifestyle is music and art therapy. Studies show that music and art therapy help people to express themselves without having to say a word. This is one of the most expressive forms of therapy and it works for many recovering addicts. This therapy is used in many of the residential drug treatment centers. If you want to learn better emotion management and better understand your emotions while overcoming addiction, music and art therapy can help with this.

Mindfulness Techniques

When overcoming addiction, you need to be in present mind. You can’t focus entirely on your past or the future. You must focus on what is happening right now. Mindfulness techniques can help you with this. Being mindful, through qigong or yoga, helps to slow your breathing and be in more control over what is happening with your body and mind. It helps you to focus on the present and be in the moment. By doing this you can overcome cravings and keep your cool during the tough times.

These are some of the many holistic treatment options that can help you to overcome addiction. Feel free to call the rehab center to find out more about the various treatments available to treat your addiction. You can overcome addiction and make the most of your life once you are clean and sober.

Pain Relief Options Without the Use of Medication


Pain Relief Options without the Use of Medication

When you decide to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, yet you still struggle with pain on a regular basis, it is important that you find some natural pain relief options. You do not need to use medication to ease your pain. In fact, when going to residential drug treatment centers, they may teach you many ways to overcome your pain. Starting today, you can try some of these natural options as well.


One of the pain relief options you have is acupuncture. This is something that many recovering addicts have done to relief their pain. This is actually the standard recommended care for relieving pain. There are various points on the body that can be stimulated through acupuncture. When this is done, endorphins run through the body to improve energy and circulation, in return relaxing muscles and reducing pain. Many of the recovering addicts who suffer from backaches and headaches have regular acupuncture sessions. This is also offered in many of the residential drug treatment centers as well.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is also offered in some of the residential drug treatment centers. There are many people who have entered rehab after struggling with pain pill addictions, trying to treat their own pain. The truth is that when someone is on those pain medications for so long, they don’t work as they should anymore. If you are struggling with pain but you want to recover from the addiction, massage therapy could be something that helps relax the tension and pain in your body.

Meditative Sessions

Meditative sessions are used in many of the residential drug treatment centers too. These sessions help to focus the mind on more positive things. The sessions will also relax the body and relieve pain. When you focus on releasing the tension in your body and letting it float away, there is something almost magical about it. You feel almost immediately relaxed. In addition, the more you practice meditation, the less pain you may have as well.

Natural Supplements

Many recovering addicts will take natural supplements as one of their pain relief options. Studies have shown that supplements such as Vitamin B, fish oil, chondroitin and glucosamine will help to ease pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, these may be some supplements you would like to try.

You do not need to use pain medications to treat your pain. When you are in recovery from addiction, natural pain relief options are always the best.

Top Holistic Treatments for Overcoming Addiction

Top Holistic Treatments for Overcoming Addiction

Holistic treatments are often offered to help addicts with overcoming addiction. During 12 step programs, these treatments are often discussed at length. Many addicts have found these treatments beneficial and found them to be one of the most enjoyed parts of the recovery process as well.

Massage Therapy

One of the holistic treatments offered to help addicts with overcoming addiction is massage therapy. This treatment has many benefits to recovering addicts. Some of the best benefits are relieving mental stress and physical pains. If you are suffering from either of these things, you will love getting massage therapy. During 12 step programs, people may talk about how much massages have helped them and they can help you as well.

Physical Therapy

You may also have physical therapy benefit you while overcoming addiction. This is one of the holistic treatments that helps many addicts during the treatment process. Physical therapy can help recovering addicts to heal from pains, injuries and other illnesses. If you would like to have these benefits, physical therapy might be what is best for you.

Remedies for Sleep

Another one of the holistic treatments that you can use when overcoming addiction are remedies for sleep. When overcoming an addiction, you may have issues with your sleep. You may be sleeping too much or you may not be getting enough sleep at all. Herbs, magnesium and other healthy supplements can help you to get more sleep and rest. You can have this type of treatment help you get better sleep in recovery.

Nutritional Treatments

You can also have many nutritional treatments help you out in recovery. When overcoming addiction, there are many nutrients that can help your body to heal. If you are struggling in early recovery, these nutritional treatments are going to help you out quite a bit. There are some recovering addicts in 12 step programs that can talk about which nutritional treatments have helped them.


Yoga is another one of the holistic treatments that can help you overcome addiction. It is mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually awakening. If you would like to have the most success when overcoming addiction, yoga can help you do this.

These are some of the many holistic treatments that can help you overcome addiction. If you are at this point, allow these treatments to help you out starting today. They can benefit you in so many ways.

How Can a Healthy Diet Help You in Recovery?

How Can a Healthy Diet Help You in Early Recovery?

In early recovery, your emotions may be flying all over the place. They may be getting you all tense and cause you some cravings as well. Drug rehab help is available to help during the early recovery days. When getting help, you will learn more about having a healthy diet. Your diet affects your moods, emotions, feelings and much more. If you would like to have a better time in early recovery, take on these diet tips today.

Reducing and Eliminating Certain Foods

When you are in your early recovery days, a healthy diet is going to help you out a lot. The first thing you will need to do is reduce and eliminate certain foods and drinks as well. The list starts with eliminating caffeine, sugar, refined carbohydrates and foods with chemicals or additives in them as well. When you reduce or eliminate these foods, you will feel much calmer during your recovery. You will be in a better mood and be healthier as well.

Eat Healthier Foods

You should also focus on putting healthier foods into your diet. These foods should have more nutrients and vitamins in them. Some of the foods to have in your regular diet include oats, bananas, turkey, vegetables and other healthy foods. These have shown to positively affect moods. These foods also give you more of the feel-good chemicals that are very helpful in early recovery. When getting drug rehab help, they will be serving many nutritious and healthy foods.

Getting Supplements

Many people who are in early recovery aren’t quite getting the proper nutrients and vitamins they need. This is one of the many reasons to get healthy supplements during these early days of recovery. You may need more Vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and some other essential supplements. These are going to help you your body to recover from the addiction. The supplements will get your nervous system back up and going properly too.

These are some of the ways that a healthy diet will help you during early recovery. Drug rehab help can assist you with all of these things. Sometimes you need to change more than just one thing to live a better life. In addition to getting sober, if you way to stay sober, you will need to follow a healthy diet as well. Take these tips with you and put them into your life as best you can.

Holistic Ways to Treat the Physical Side Effects from Anxiety

Holistic Ways to Treat the Physical Side Effects from Anxiety

When suffering from anxiety during early recovery or when in a residential rehab treatment center, there are some holistic ways to treat the physical side effects that you may have going on. The great news is that you can overcome these side effects and learn to manage them better as well. This will allow you to gain more empowerment and control over staying sober too.

Get Nutritious

One of the most holistic ways to treat the physical side effects from anxiety in early recovery is to get nutritious. When you eat more nutritious foods, you are able to benefit your brain and your body. There are brain-boosting foods and emotional-regulation foods as well. Make sure you are eating vegetables, fruits, whole-gains and unprocessed foods. These are going to nourish your body and help to fight the anxiety side effects. If you are going to a residential rehab treatment program, they will more than likely serve quite nutritious foods.

Get in Your Vitamins

Another holistic way to fight the physical side effects of anxiety is to get in your vitamins.  When you are in early recovery, as your brain and body recover, you should probably be taking a multi-vitamin. Even though this is only a vitamin, you should still clear it with the doctor or someone at the residential rehab treatment center. When you get enough Vitamin B you are able to feel calmer, easing the anxiety.

Get Phytonutrients

When you are going to a residential rehab treatment center or you are in early recovery, you should be getting your phytonutrients as well. These are based from plants. They will help to increase your energy levels and your mood as well. When suffering from anxious thoughts, this is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Get Exercise

If you are suffering from anxious thoughts, you should also get enough exercise. Doing at least a little bit of exercise every day is going to help you reduce the anxiety. Whether you go for a walk, head to the gym, do push-ups, lift weights or even do yoga, these things will help you to fight off anxious thinking.

These are some of the holistic ways to treat the physical side effects from anxiety. Now that you have these tools you can reduce your chances of relapsing due to anxious thoughts and behaviors.

Holistic Ways to Treat the Mental Side Effects of Anxiety

Holistic Ways to Treat the Mental Side Effects of Anxiety

When getting treatment for an addiction at residential drug treatment centers, the recovering addict may experience some anxiety. The withdrawal symptoms may include becoming anxious. The chance in lifestyle is a big one that could lead to anxious feelings. If you are planning to go to rehab or you are overcoming an addiction and now are experiencing anxiety, find out some holistic ways to treat that now.

Calmly Planning

One of the best and most holistic ways to treat the mental side effects of anxiety during recovery is calmly planning. When going to residential drug treatment centers, you will learn more about the proper ways to plan during recovery. This may include goal planning, setting mini-goals and making changes to your plans along the way. Remember, things won’t be perfect and as long as progress is happening, you will be fine.

Open Your Horizons

Sometimes you may be having anxiety because your mind is not open. Think about the perspective you have about your treatment at residential drug treatment centers. In recovery, there will be many opportunities for you to discover new views on situations. It is time for you to come up with new solutions for a problem, you would normally get upset or anxious about.

Fire In Your Spirituality

Another way you can treat the mental side effects of anxiety during your residential drug treatment centers program is to fire in your spirituality. What does this mean? It means to explore spirituality. In early recovery, you may think you aren’t a very spiritual person and this may cause you to avoid doing this. However, many recovering addicts find that spirituality can include many things. It can include martial arts, yoga, meditation and much more.

Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is used in many holistic residential drug treatment centers. When you are in recovery and experiencing anxiety, essential oils can help you to heal the symptoms of anxious behaviors and thinking. There are many essential oils that could help you with this and lavender oil is one of the best for you to use.

If you are having anxiety during your stay at residential drug treatment centers or at any other time during your recovery, these are some holistic ways to treat the mental side effects that you experience. Your recovery will benefit in many other ways from these tips and techniques as well.


Is Acupuncture Really Helpful in Addiction Recovery?

Is Acupuncture Really Helpful for Addiction Recovery?

With addiction recovery, you need to have a list of helpful techniques that help you to prevent a relapse. These same techniques help you to live a healthier lifestyle so you can keep on the bright track as well. One thing that you may want to try in addiction recovery is acupuncture. There are many residential rehab treatment programs that include this as part of the recovering addict treatment plans. If you are interested in finding natural ways to keep going with your recovery from an addiction, acupuncture is something you may want to try.

Improving Energy

When you are in addiction recovery, you will need to keep your energy levels up to stay sober. If you are losing your energy, you are going to have a difficult time being productive. You will also have a hard time focusing on making better decisions for your life if you have low energy. When you get acupuncture at least every other week, you can improve upon your energy so you can stay clean and sober. If this sounds like something that will help you, you should call and get these scheduled from a residential rehab treatment center today.

Getting Balance

Another way that the acupuncture provided by the residential rehab treatment program will help you is to get you some more balance. During your addiction recovery progress, you will be experiencing many ups and downs. At any given time you will need to balance your family life, personal life, work life, recovering life and more. If you have trouble balancing all of these things, acupuncture will help you out.

Lowering Pain Levels

Another way that your addiction recovery process is going to benefit from getting acupuncture is by lowering your pain levels. Most of the recovering addicts have some varying levels of pain; whether that is physical or emotional pain. These pain levels can often cause a relapse if they are not managed. When you get acupuncture from a residential rehab treatment center on a regular basis, it will help in managing and lowering your pain levels.

Now that you know how much acupuncture can benefit your addiction recovery process be sure that you ask the residential rehab treatment program more about scheduling these sessions for you. Many recovering addicts say they don’t know how they stayed sober before they started getting these sessions. It may be just what you need to stay on the right path in your recovery.