Tips for Holding an Intervention

Tips for Holding an Intervention

When someone is suffering from an addiction, an intervention may be best for them. Whether it is your aunt, uncle, sister, parent or someone else who has the addiction, you may want to get others together and have the intervention. You can even call residential treatment centers to get the phone number or other contact information for an intervention specialist. If you follow these tips, you are able increase the chances of the addict agreeing to head into treatment

Calm and Restrained

When someone has an addiction, it is beneficial they go to residential treatment centers. If you would like the addict in your life to get into treatment, you may hold an intervention. When you do so, it should be held calmly and with restraint. If you need to talk to an addiction specialist, you can do that.

Put Together a Team

You should also have a team to go to the intervention as well. Many residential treatment centers can tell you who should be attending. Supportive family members, friends, addiction professionals, a sponsor who is willing to help and others should be a part of the team. You should make sure the people who show up are going to be calm and speak the truth. Those who are going to continue enabling the addict should not attend.


Planning is an essential part of the intervention. If it is not planned, things are likely to go haywire. You need to make sure the time and place are set up. You should be sure the people who will attend are notified and confirm they will be there. The planning process should not be skipped unless it is an absolute emergency. There should even be residential treatment centers decided upon in case the addict agrees to treatment.


During the intervention, the discussion should focus on true facts about the person’s addiction. Do not judge or force upon other issues during the discussion. Throughout the intervention, everyone should listen to what the addict needs to say as well.

If you are going to hold an intervention, these are the tips to follow to set it up right and have it go as well as possible. Don’t forget to contact residential treatment centers to have something set up as well. Your loved one or friend may need this to get them into treatment. They may need to know people care about them and this could help the most.


The Intervention Steps You Must Know

The Intervention Steps You Must Know

Do you need to hold an intervention for a loved one? If you have a loved one with an addiction, you may need to do this. However, if you have never done this before you may need some tips on what you are supposed to do. The good news is you have found this page and you are going to be guided in the right direction. There are some basic tips offered by residential alcohol treatment centers and they are right here for you to see.


You will need to start by educating yourself, the other family members and friends of the addict too. An intervention must be organized. You need to know what to say and what not to say. It is important to know about how long the intervention should last and what you need for preparation. Make sure you have numbers to residential alcohol treatment centers in case they agree to treatment.


You also will need some support if you are going to hold this for your loved one. It might be an emotional time for you and may be difficult to stick with it. However, there are many addiction recovery professionals at residential alcohol treatment centers that can help. There are also many excellent support groups to give you the support you need as well.

Make Limits

An intervention will require you to make limits. You are going to need to stick to those limits that you have created. These limits might include what you will allow as a reaction from the addict, how many people will be allowed to attend and some other things. You can call residential alcohol treatment centers to find out what the limits should be so you can get it right.

The Intervention

The next thing that is going to happen is the intervention. After you have done the preparation and other things, you will be getting to the schedule place at the scheduled time. Make sure everyone is ready and resources are ready for the addict. You don’t know how things are going to go. Make sure you have the information talked about above for residential alcohol treatment centers. The addict may agree to go to treatment and you should be ready to get them there.

Think of everything and different scenarios. That will help you to be prepared. An intervention could go in any direction so you need to keep it organized with the above steps.