Ways to Motivate Your Loved One in Their Life of Recovery

Ways to Motivate Your Loved One in Their Life of Recovery

Ultimately, it is up to your loved one whether they stay clean and sober. It is up to them whether they do the recovery work, so they can better their life. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for them when they are in or get home from residential treatment centers. They need you by their side. They need you to support, encourage and motivate them. There are many ways you can provide this motivation, so they feel more proud of their recovering lifestyle.

Using Encouraging Words

One of the ways you can motivate your loved one while they are in or out of residential treatment centers is by using encouraging words. Even just one encouraging word could completely change their day. If they are having a bad day or not being very focused, you motivating them in this way could turn everything around. They need to maintain their sobriety and recovery. Words like proud, helpful and accomplished are a great place to start.

Notice Their Changes

A recovering addict may want you to motivate them by noticing the changes they have made. Most recovering addicts enjoy being told how proud someone is of them about their sobriety. They may also want you to notice they are happier, accomplishing their goals or they are doing something amazing with their life. By saying these notations out loud to your loved one, it can help to motivate them to keep going.

Keeping in Communication

There are many ways you can motivate your loved one in their recovery. After their stay in residential treatment centers, it is even more important that you keep in communication with them. If they know someone is checking in with them regularly, they may be more motivated to do the recovery work. That way they have something positive to report back to you when you call or check in with them.

These are some of the ways you can motivate your loved one in their recovery. As mentioned above, it is their responsibility to stay clean and sober. It is their responsibility to hold themselves accountable for their recovery work as well. However, that doesn’t mean that you and others can’t take the time to provide them with some motivation. They need to have a support team and when motivating them, you can be a part of that team.

Let Recovery Be Your Saving Grace

Let Recovery Be Your Saving Grace

If you suffer from an addiction, it is time that you find a saving grace. Every person in this world has a saving grace, sometimes they just need to search for it. Going to residential rehab treatment and getting into recovery can be yours. You may not understand it all at first but the changes that can happen after being in a recovering lifestyle could be life changing. There will still be ups and downs but you can make it far through sobriety and recovery.

Learning About Alcoholism

When getting into a residential rehab treatment program and into recovery, you can learn all about alcoholism. What is the point of doing that? Well, first, it can help you to know you are not alone. There are millions of others who suffer from this disease as well. There are others who have gone through things like you have because of this disease. When you learn about alcoholism, you can figure out more about your addiction and how to overcome it.

Going to Meetings

Recovery can be your saving grace when you go to meetings as well. After getting out of residential rehab treatment, meetings are something that save many recovering addicts from relapsing. The meetings give recovering addicts a safe place to express themselves. It gives them a place of community where they feel understood. While not all recovering addicts go to meetings, it is highly recommended.


You can make recovery your saving grace by praying as well. This does not have to be to God. Many recovering addicts have their own version of a Higher Power. They believe in something much greater than themselves. It becomes their go-to when they need to hold onto their sobriety. By praying to whomever or whatever your Higher Power is, even if that is just the others in the meetings, you can live a life of recovery far beyond what you ever imagined.

These are some of the ways you can let recovery be your saving grace. It isn’t just a matter of keeping yourself sober. Being in recovery is so much more than that. When you allow a recovering lifestyle to save you, there won’t be words to express how grateful you could be. Each recovering addict feels different about their life in recovery and it is time for you as well. Find your peace and overcome addiction starting today!

The DOS of Recovering from an Addiction

The DOS of Recovering from an Addiction

When you are recovering from an addiction, after being in residential drug treatment centers, there are certainly some things you don’t want to be doing. However, it is usually better to focus on the positive. To focus on the things that you should be doing. Here you will read about some of the DOS of recovering from an addiction. When you read these, remember to keep them close with you at all times. They could make a major impact at how well you progress down the road to recovery.


One of the DOS of recovering from an addiction is to use forgiveness. This is very important. If you have or are going to residential drug treatment centers, you can learn more about how forgiveness can impact your recovery. Many recovering addicts who don’t forgive easily are so full of anger. In recovery, anger is not something you want to mess with. It can cause a relapse quicker than you might think. Make forgiveness a priority in your recovering lifestyle starting today.


Honesty is another one of the DOS of recovering from an addiction. Being honest with others and yourself is necessary if you are going to stay clean and sober. You can’t hide things from others or you will end up caught in a string of lies. You can’t be lying to yourself or you won’t be going down the path you should be to stay clean and sober either. Many recovering addicts are in denial about how much they actually lied to themselves and others while using drugs and alcohol. Wake up to the truth and see that honesty is one necessary tool to use in your recovery.


Being humble is another one of the DOS of being in recovery from an addiction. When you are still using drugs or alcohol, it can tear you apart inside and out. It can cause you to do things that you never thought you would do. When you get in recovery, it can be difficult not to think that you are everything. Yes, recovering is a huge deal and you should be very proud. Just be sure you don’t let it go to your head so you don’t start pushing others to the side.

These are some of the DOS of being in recovery from an addiction. If you can keep these in mind, you can have an amazing recovering lifestyle.

Lessons That Could Change Your Life in Recovery

Lessons That Could Change Your Life in Recovery

You could have your entire life changed in recovery. This is a choice that is up to you. When you receive alcoholism help, there are many lessons that could change your life. It is up to you whether you open up your mind and body to learning these lessons. What you learn is partially because of how open minded you are and partially due to how much you recognize your life needs to change. You can do this.

Letting Go

Letting go is the first of the lessons that could change your life in recovery. This is a process that occurs over time. There aren’t any recovering addicts who can let go, just like that. It takes time to learn what you need to let go of. You must learn to leave the past behind and live for the day. Live in the moment. By letting go, you are able to enjoy life as you stay sober. This will help you lower your risks of relapsing as well. Get alcoholism help and learn to let go.

Keep Going No Matter What

There are going to be obstacles that come up, even after you have gotten alcoholism help. One of the lessons you can learn is to keep going no matter what. Never give up on your sobriety or recovery. Even if you relapse, remember why sobriety is so important to you and pick it back up. That is what alcoholism help is all about. To help you keep trying and keep giving it your all.

Learn Every Day

Every day, in this world, there is something new you could be learning. Don’t let the past hold you back. If you are getting alcoholism help, you can accept that recovery and sobriety is your life. Start learning more about yourself, this world, your needs and recovery. The process of learning can even be fun if you let it.

Honesty Always

Another one of the lessons you can learn in recovery is to always be honest. Your life will be so much better if you are always honest. Don’t let those little lies, like the ones you may have told when using drugs or alcohol, come out. Think about what you are saying and always tell the truth. This will help you a lot in recovery.

Think about the lessons and allow them to sink in. Use them in your recovering lifestyle and take control over your life.

Recovery Coaching May Be Your Guide to Overcoming Addiction

Recovery Coaching May Be Your Guide to Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol, for many, sometimes takes numerous attempts. It can be difficult to learn the recovery behaviors that are meant for keeping someone clean and sober. Making major changes is tough for anyone, especially those who suffer from an addiction. One of the things that might help you during or after a stay in residential treatment centers, is recovery coaching. This type of coaching gives you many benefits as you will read here today.

Guided Direction

Residential treatment centers are great for giving recovering addicts direction. However, when leaving the rehab most recovering addicts still need someone to help them along. Yes, there are sponsors who may be great for this. However, there is recovery coaching which can be utilized as well. The recovery coach helps the recovering addict to create helpful ideas to push their life in the right direction.


Recovery coaching also helps recovering addicts develop a greater sense of awareness. This awareness is regarding their life situations, where they are at this point and where they need to be going. The recovery coach helps the recovering addict create daily awareness so they can recognize when things are going great and when they are not.

Better Support

After staying in residential treatment centers, a recovery coach can offer recovering addicts better support, rather than them trying to do it on their own. The recovery coach is skilled and experienced in helping recovering addicts work through obstacles, find the positive in each day and make it into longer term recovery as well.

Creating Clear Focus

Recovery coaching also helps recovering addicts to create clear focus. It helps them to develop a sense of who they want to be in their recovering lifestyle. Having focus in recovery is essential for relapse prevention. Some focus techniques may be learned in residential treatment centers but with a recovery coach, more skills are learned as well.

Recovery coaching is an excellent way to develop many necessary skills in recovery. After living an addictive lifestyle and going to residential treatment centers, many recovering addicts need to have someone who can be there for them. They need someone to help guide them into a better direction, teach them how to be more aware, offer them support and help them gain focus. A recovery coach can do all this for a recovering addict and so much more.

Recovery Boosting Efforts Can Pay Off for You

Recovery Boosting Efforts Can Pay Off for You

You have successfully made it through a recovery program at residential alcohol treatment centers. Now, you may be wondering what comes next. Well, the main thing to remember is that recovery boosting efforts can pay off for you. They can help you stay sober for as long as you wish. As long as you are working on your recovery plan and continue doing your best, you will find yourself in a healthy state of mind in your recovering lifestyle

Planning Healthy Meals and Snacks

One of the recovering boosting efforts you can try is to plan healthy meals and snacks. There is a lot of information out there regarding the best nutrients and minerals to put in your body. However, you don’t need to know all the details right now. Just know that by eating healthier foods, mineral and nutrient filled foods, you can fight off cravings. You can balance your body and mind together to create a more enjoyable life in recovery. There are foods that help to reduce stress such is pistachios, salmon and avocados. After leaving residential alcohol treatment centers, eat right to make the most of your recovering lifestyle.

Build the Best Support Network

Another one of the recovery boosting efforts you can put forth is to build the best support network. Yes, it is great to have one or two people who you feel you can always count on. However, sometimes those people aren’t available. You need to have a strong, stable and moderately sized support network. Having a list of 10 people who will support you in recovery is a great idea. That way you can socialize with others who support you and have people to call as well.

Get More Active

Of all recovery boosting efforts, getting more active is very helpful. It not only helps you to get physically fit but helps to balance out your emotional state as well. It helps to get you moving so you don’t get bored. Being more active allows you to create more structure in your day too. If you don’t already have a fitness or exercise plan, make one today. Even if it only includes walking more that is a great start.

These are some of the recovery boosting efforts that can help you be more successful after leaving residential alcohol treatment centers. Try these tips to see what they can do for your recovering lifestyle and your overall balance in life!

What Can a Sponsor in Recovery Help You With?

What Can a Sponsor in Recovery Help You With?

You may have heard that a sponsor can help you in your recovery. Whether you are in 12 step programs yet or not, you may find that getting someone to start sponsoring you and your recovering lifestyle is one of the best choices you have ever made for your sobriety. Sponsors are other recovering addicts who want to help guide you through your recovering lifestyle. They want to support you and be there for you. They may have you do recovery tasks or help you work the steps. Read more to find out just what a sponsor might be able to help you with in your recovery.

Being Your Listening Ear

When you get into 12 step programs or recovery from an addiction in any way, it is great to have a listening ear. This is when you have someone who is there for you. You can call them usually day or night to talk if you need to. If you are having cravings, you can speak with them about it and figure things out. The sponsor is someone who will listen to you without judgment. They may talk you through things so you can figure out what has happened or they may offer advice in some instances as well. Sometimes you may just need to vent and this person will be there for you.

Keeping You Focused

During your recovery, it is important that you stay focused on your goals. Keeping focused on your coping tools, relapse prevention techniques, positive goals and your recovery program is something that needs to be done. While you must be accountable for your own actions while working a recovery program or 12 step programs, the sponsor can be there to help hold you accountable as well. There are many things you can be in control of during your recovery and if you hold yourself accountable for those things, you have a great chance of staying clean and sober.

Helping You Maintain a Social Life

There are many recovering addicts who will stop hanging out with just about everyone. This is because they don’t know what to say or how to act in those situations now that they are clean and sober. The sponsor you get can help you to maintain a social life. They can talk you through situations that might happen so you are a prepared to stay sober.

These are some of the things a sponsor might help you with during recovery. You won’t know if the sponsor is going to work for you unless you try!

Tips for Wellness You Need in a Recovering Lifestyle

Tips for Wellness You Need in a Recovering Lifestyle

When living a recovering lifestyle, you may want to work on your overall wellness. This may be something new to you but you don’t need to worry. When getting alcoholism help or support during recovery, you can learn how to improve your wellness. There are different aspects of this part of your health that you may want to learn about. The ones you will find out more about today are emotional, physical, spiritual and occupational.

Emotional Health

When improving your wellness during your recovering lifestyle, you should consider your emotional health. After you have gotten alcoholism help, you must learn to manage your emotions. If your emotions are all over the place, your risk of relapsing skyrockets and that isn’t what you want. There are many emotion management techniques you can use. Many people in recovery enjoy art journaling to improve their emotional health. That may be something you want to try so you can keep your emotions in check.

Physical Health

Your physical health is another aspect of wellness that you may need to improve upon. So many recovering addicts have physical health issues that need to be addressed during and after getting alcoholism help. If you don’t take care of your physical health issues, you may be in more pain which could cause a relapse.

Spiritual Health

While you don’t need to believe in God or just one spiritual being, having some sense of a Higher Power can help you to cope with the things that recovery brings. There may be some ups and downs that you aren’t sure how to handle. The spiritual health improvements may be a great way for you to manage.

Occupational Health

If you are currently working, think about your job. After getting alcoholism help, you should try to have a job that doesn’t include you being around alcohol or drugs. It shouldn’t be a job that brings you a lot of stress either. If you can, try to find a job that brings you happiness and allows you to be satisfied with what you are doing. The happier you are with your job, the less stress you have and the higher chance of you have of staying sober.

These are some of the ways that you can improve your wellness. When living a recovering lifestyle, you must keep up on all these things and bring an overall balance to your life. You can do this!

Expectations to Have with Sober House Living

Expectations to Have with Sober House Living

With sober house living, which is one of the options after leaving residential alcohol treatment centers, there are some expectations you may want to have. The first thing you should know is this may be seen as a halfway house but it is also a recovering house. It is a safe place for you to live when going through the recovery process. If you learn about this type of living, it may be something you choose to do to benefit your recovering lifestyle.

It is Not a Sketchy Place to Live

Some people think a sober house is a sketchy home where addicts live. The truth is it is a place where recovering addicts go to keep safe and lower their chance of a relapse. These homes are clean and comfortable. Many are high class and have just the right amount of sober recovering addicts living there. Generally, these homes are only for one gender. The homes are maintained and the chores are done by those who live there. Sometimes there is a leader of the home.

You Have Your Things

Just because you live in a sober house after residential alcohol treatment centers doesn’t mean you will be sharing your things with everyone. You will still have your space. Generally, each person has their own room or some may have a roommate. You will have your food, specific chores to do and you may need to get a job. Each home for this purpose may have their own requirements.

Learn from the Others

It isn’t a sign of weakness to take from other strengths and learn from them. This is going to help you stay clean and sober. It is going to help you learn the rules of sober house living. By learning from others, you increase your chances of keeping clean after being in residential alcohol treatment centers.

With this information about sober house living, you can decide whether you want to go into this home after your inpatient stay. Some people who attend outpatient care will even decide to live in these homes. They find it comforting, helps them hold accountable for their sobriety and recovery and even helps them find other recovering friends. It can often be difficult to live with others who haven’t overcome addiction. They don’t quite get it but those who are living in these homes will know exactly what you are going through.

How to Get High on Life Not High on Drugs

How to Get High on Life Not High on Drugs

After you have gone through and gotten drug rehab help, you must find a way to get satisfaction in your recovery. Some recovering addicts like to think of it as getting high on life not high on drugs. If that is a perspective you can take on, the tips here will help you to do that. When you read these tips, think of how you can incorporate them into your recovery. Think of all the benefits they are going to give you so you can stay positive and joyful now that you are clean from drugs.

Eating Nutritiously

The first tip for getting high on life and not on drugs is eating nutritiously. Did you know that there are actually foods that will make your body and mind feel good? If you cut out greasy and fat-filled foods that will help a lot. Start eating energy-filled foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables. Blueberries are just one of the greatest foods you should add to your snacks and meals in recovery.

Get in the Sun

Another excellent way to get high on life and not on drugs is to get in the sun. The sun provides your body with Vitamin D which builds up your strength. It also helps to fight off and prevent certain diseases too. If you want to enjoy your life in recovery, being out in the sun also gives you boosts of energy and makes you feel happier overall as well.

Exercising More Often

Exercising does release more endorphins than you may release. Instead of getting high on drugs, this is one of the ways you can get high on life. There is such a thing as the runner’s high and you can get that. You don’t necessarily have to run to get it either. If you do a very tough workout that can give you the same feelings and results. When your body starts to feel the burn, keep pushing and you will feel it.

These are some of the ways you can get pleasure in life instead of getting high on drugs. Once you have gotten drug rehab help, you must find things that make you happy. You must find your new pleasures in life and these can be some of them. Incorporate these into your life and make the most of each day from here on out.