If You Relapse…Let These Be Your Next Steps


If You Relapse…Let These Be Your Next Steps

Unfortunately, when you get through a residential rehab treatment program, it is still possible that you might relapse. It does happen to some recovering addicts. The main point is that even if you have relapsed there are some steps you should take to get back on the sober path. You don’t have to let relapsing take you back down the addictive road.

Get a Hold of Your Sponsor or Therapist

The first step you should take if you have relapsed is to get a hold of your sponsor or your therapist. This is very important as it will give you someone to talk to. It will give you someone who you can express yourself with. When you are talking to this person, open up about what happened. What caused you to use drugs or drink again? What were you feeling in the days or weeks leading up to this event? Was there something you missed while in residential rehab treatment? If you relapse, call your sponsor or therapist immediately.

Get Refocused

The next step if you relapse is to get yourself refocused. You need to take the time to relax for a bit. Yes, you have stepped off the path of sobriety for a moment but that doesn’t mean your recovering lifestyle is over. In fact, relapsing just means you have turned down the wrong road. You need to take a break, breathe and get a new plan of action going for your recovery. Get back into a residential rehab treatment program if you need.

Reflect Upon What Happened and Learn from It

The final step to take if you relapse is to reflect upon what happened. What were the situations leading up to relapsing? Who was involved? What was your emotional state like? Once you reflect on it, take responsibility for relapsing. Then, from there, you can learn from it and move forward once again.

These are the main steps to take if you relapse. Relapsing doesn’t mean you can’t ever get sober and clean again. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a recovering lifestyle. You do deserve sobriety and recovery. You deserve an amazing lifestyle. If relapsing happens, just follow these steps and get back on board with what other changes you might need to make. You can improve your recovering lifestyle to prevent future relapsing if you make the right steps today.

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