No More Using Pain Medications for Covering Up Back Pain

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No More Using Pain Medications for Covering up Back Pain

Sometimes people who experience chronic back pain become addicted to pain medications. If this is how your addiction arose, residential alcohol treatment centers may have the drug treatment program you need. When going to a rehab, you can learn how to handle back pain without covering it up through the use of pain medications. There are many techniques that can be used and many changes you can make to manage the pain in healthier ways so you can overcome your addiction and stay clean from the medications as well.

Acupuncture Sessions

If you are going to residential alcohol treatment centers for treating a pain medications addiction, acupuncture sessions may be offered to you. Research has shown that acupuncture helps recovering addicts to stay clean, have reduced pain and helps them to relax as well. Instead of covering up back pain with medications, let acupuncture help you.


Residential alcohol treatment centers may offer an exercising program to help in treating the back pain you experience as well. No more using pain medications to treat or cover the pain. There are many exercise programs that can help relieve pain. Yoga, lifting weights, personalized Tai Chi programs and more can help someone to relieve back pain.

Reduction of Stress

There are many residential alcohol treatment centers that can offer stress reduction programs as well. When stress gets too high, there is also a higher risk of relapsing as well. It is difficult enough to manage back pain in healthy ways, adding stress to your life makes the pain that much worse. Use stress management techniques to relieve your stress and the pain.

Massage Therapy

Getting massages during your recovery can help you in various ways. This is one of the reasons many residential alcohol treatment centers offer massage as part of the recovery program. With proper massage, you can have relieved of at least some of the back pain you experience. Many chronic back pain sufferers have found they are able to stop using pain medications as long as they are getting regular massages.

Relaxation Therapies

There are relaxation therapies offered ant many residential alcohol treatment centers as well. These are helpful in relieving tension and pain throughout the body. If you are having chronic pain, try getting more relaxation in your life.

No more using pain medications for covering up back pain. You can get different treatments to help you out instead.

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