Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers: Learning Sobriety

residential alcohol treatment centersResidential alcohol treatment centers have been around for decades to help people end their alcohol addictions. In fact, the 12 steps that have been applied to many addictions were originated by Alcoholics Anonymous. When people are addicted to alcohol, it can be harder to stay sober in comparison to drug addictions. Alcohol is legal, at any moment you can go to a bar or a liquor store and pick up a bottle without anyone stopping you.

There are problems that arise during sobriety that even the most serious and prepared addicts can succumb too.  Residential alcohol treatment centers have counselors that work one-on-one with patients to help them work through their personal problems that keep leading them to use alcohol. Residential alcohol treatment centers provide insight, tools and strategies for addicts in recovery to use when they leave rehab.

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What to Expect From Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers

Although there are many residential alcohol treatment centers that variate in different ways, there is a standard process you can expect from your visit. The entire process is important, but the beginning stages are crucial that you are honest about your alcohol use so the medical team and counselors can properly assess you and develop a treatment plan.

This initial phase is called the intake process, after intake, you will begin your detoxification process. Alcohol has a potentially deadly withdrawal process if you do not properly end your alcohol use. The detoxification period is when you come off alcohol and may be given medicine to make you comfortable during withdrawal symptoms.

When you successfully detox from your alcohol addiction you will begin the rest of your education, therapy and treatment. This is argued the most important part of rehab because of what you learn. Residential alcohol treatment centers teach you how to cope with negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts. A lot of addicts need to learn healthy ways to cope such as exercise, meditation, or even learning a new hobby. Treatment and therapies will vary depending on the rehab center you choose. After treatment, an aftercare plan will be developed that is unique to each patient.

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How To End Your Addiction

There are various styles of addiction recovery, a lot of treatments that work for some and not for others. The success rate of residential alcohol treatment centers and the particular treatments used can be difficult to measure for various reasons. The main reason residential alcohol treatment centers struggle to determine their success rates is the fact that some people are ready to be sober for life and others are not quite ready. There is a term in addiction called rock bottom, sometimes a rock bottom experience needs to happen in someone’s life in order for them to truly desire sobriety. With all of that said, residential alcohol treatment centers offer invaluable tools for addicts to use, and can successfully monitor you during your detoxification period.

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