Side Effects and Dangers of Using Ketamine

using ketamine

Side Effects and Dangers of Using Ketamine

Ketamine can cause many negative side effects. The exact ones might vary from one person to the next. However, it is important to know the common effects that could be caused by this drug. By doing so, people who have been using it, may be finally be able to see they need help from residential treatment centers. They need help going through detox and into recovery.

General Effects

When someone has been using Ketamine, they could be setting themselves up for general side effects. These might include higher heart rate, detaching from oneself and others, higher blood pressure and depression. They might have memory issues, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, mood changes, lowered cognitive functioning and possibly fatal respiratory problems. If you have experienced any of these side effects, please seek out help from residential treatment centers.

More Severe Side Effects

There are some other more severe side effects too. These could include temporary paralysis, choking, reduced pain, injuring oneself, lack of self-control, impulsive and others as well. These are side effects that are not taken lightly. They are dangerous and could cause you to lose your life. Let residential treatment centers save your life from these side effects.

Long-Term Negative and Harmful Effects

There are many people who will experience long-term negative and harmful effects from using Ketamine as well. Of course, some of the already-mentioned side effects and dangers could turn into long-term issues but there are others as well. Those who have been using this drug could incur permanent bladder issues, heart problems, ulcers in the stomach and much more. When these things occur, it is important to get into residential treatment centers and see a doctor. You can start overcoming the addiction to this drug so you can prevent any further issues.

Using Ketamine can be extremely dangerous. It isn’t one of those drugs that only offers limited side effects and that is it. This is a harmful, dangerous and often fatal drug. The side effects that often happen are not worth it. Many of those who are going to residential treatment centers for a Ketamine addiction have learnt that the side effects aren’t worth risking their life for. They have learnt that it is time to push through and overcome the addiction. You can do this as well. You can push your way into a clean and recovering lifestyle. Call residential treatment centers today!

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