Signs of an Addiction to Narcotics


Signs of an Addiction to Narcotics

People can become addicted to many different things – gambling, nicotine, illegal drugs, alcohol, narcotics and more. If you suspect that someone you know has an addiction to narcotics or you are questioning whether you might, there are some signs that might be present. If you notice these signs, it is helpful to call a residential rehab treatment centers as soon as possible.

Physical Signs

You may notice some physical signs when it comes to an addiction to narcotics. These are often quite noticeably, possibly more than some of the other signs. The person with the addiction may have lost weight quite quickly. They may have issues with their teeth, sinus infections, nosebleeds and they may even cough blood up as well. These may not seem like that big of a deal but they do signify an addiction to narcotics. If these are happening to you or someone you know, please seek help from a residential rehab treatment program.

Too Much Sleep or A Lot of Energy

If someone has an addiction to narcotics, you may notice that they are sleeping a lot more than usual. Some people with this type of addiction will sleep for up to 16 hours a day. They may sleep day or night or their sleep schedule may be randomly with half an hour bursts of energy in between. Others who become addicted to these drugs, have a lot of energy for days on end before they crash. Getting residential rehab treatment program help is best for someone who has these signs from this addiction.

Mental Functioning Issues

Addicts who use narcotics may have mental functioning issues. This generally happens after they have been using for a longer time frame. You may notice they are disoriented, confused or even slurring their speech. These signs may happen randomly and may come just before time frames of hyperactivity as well. If you are noticing these in yourself or someone you know, it could mean an addiction to narcotics is present.

These are some of the various signs that may be noticed with someone who has an addiction to narcotics. Even though these drugs are prescribed to many, they can be very dangerous and they are very often abused. If you have been abusing these drugs or you know someone who has been, get treatment before more signs appear and things get even worse in your addiction.

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