Stages of Drunkenness Everyone Should Know About


Stages of Drunkenness Everyone Should Know About

There are many people who can drink responsibility but there are also millions who develop an alcohol addiction as well. When it comes to the consumption of alcohol, residential drug treatment centers want people to know there are different stages of drunkenness and some of them are very dangerous. It is important that everyone knows about these stages and seeks help if they have drunk too much.


The first stage of drunkenness is sobriety. This is when the blood alcohol content is 0 to .05 percent. This happens when someone isn’t drinking or just started drinking. They may not seem intoxicated at all. If someone has one drink each hour, they would still probably fall into this stage. Even when at .01 to .05 percent, judgment and reaction time could be a little impaired depending on tolerance level. If someone can stop at this point and not drink any more, they may not need help from residential drug treatment centers.


The second stage of drunkenness is euphoria which has a blood alcohol content of .03 to .12 percent. During this stage, intoxication is at a peak. The person might feel tipsy. With most women this is after 1 or 2 drinks and most men 2 or 3 drinks. Someone might feel more talkative. If someone is driving in this condition, they can be arrested. If you have been driving during or after this stage, ask residential drug treatment centers for help.


This stage is from .09 to .25 percent. The person is feeling excited and they are intoxicated. With women, this is usually at 2 to 4 drinks in one hour. With men, it is usually at 3 to 5 drinks in one hour. Vision may be blurry, drowsiness may occur and the person may be uncoordinated.


With this stage, the blood alcohol content is .18 to .30 percent. This is when the person is drunk and on the level of possible alcohol poisoning. They have had a lot of drinks in one hour. They may stagger words and walking and blackout too.

Near Unconsciousness

This stage of drunkenness is from .25 to .4 percent. The person has alcohol poisoning, passes out, may vomit and lose control of their bodily functions. It is important this person gets medical attention right away. Also, for anyone reaching this stage, getting help from residential drug treatment centers is necessary.

Coma and Death

The final stage is at .35 to .45 which is coma and death. Body temperature is lowered, breathing problems increase and death is very likely.

If you have found yourself in any of the further stages of drunkenness, even once, please ask someone for help.

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