Timeframe for Hydrocodone Withdrawals

Timeframe for Hydrocodone Withdrawals

If you are addicted to hydrocodone, you should know that it is possible you with go through hydrocodone withdrawals. If you are experiencing these withdrawals now, you should get into residential drug treatment centers today. These withdrawals can be tough to get through. Knowing more about the timeframe of these withdrawals will help you to prep yourself and make it through them.

What about the first stage of the withdrawals?

When going the first stage of hydrocodone withdrawals, you will be experiencing the symptoms for between one and three weeks. This stage is also called the acute stage. Residential drug treatment centers can help you right from this beginning stage. Going through the symptoms of this first stage can be quite uncomfortable. The best way to succeed and overcome these symptoms is to get help in detox. These symptoms won’t usually be threatening to your life but they certainly aren’t easy to get through on your own.

What about the second stage of withdrawals?

When you are going through the second stage of withdrawals this could last for quite some time. This stage is also called the post-acute withdrawal syndrome (also referred to as PAWS). When going through this stage, you should let residential drug treatment centers help you along. The symptoms in this stage aren’t as physical. Most of them are psychological and emotional. When addicted to hydrocodone, there will be impacted brain functioning. The chemical imbalance caused by the addiction is something you can get help from residential drug treatment centers for. Some of the most common hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms you will have with this stage are energy ups and downs, tired feelings, irritability, anxiety, sleeping issues and mood swings.

In each of these stages certain factors will affect the duration of the hydrocodone withdrawals. The time frame that you had used the drugs and how much you had used will affect the duration of the withdrawals. If you had mixed hydrocodone with other drugs or alcohol will be a factor that affects the duration of the withdrawals as well.

Generally people continue to use hydrocodone to treat pain but they need more and more of the drug as time goes on. That is the main cause for the addiction to hydrocodone. If you are going through hydrocodone withdrawals, don’t hesitate to let residential drug treatment centers help you overcome the addiction. They can help you with a detox and recovery program starting right now.