What Are Withdrawals from the Benzos Like?


What Are Withdrawals from Benzos Like?

Withdrawing from any drug is tough to deal with. It is important to know what the signs of withdrawals are and when you may need to get emergency care. If you are attending a residential rehab treatment program, you won’t need to be so worried. The doctors and nurses on staff will treat your withdrawal symptoms and keep a close eye on you. If you have been abusing benzos, this guide will help you better understand what the withdrawal process will be like.

What is the withdrawal timeline for these drugs?

While there is no absolute timeline for withdrawing from benzos, there is a guide that can provide you more information. Your withdrawal length is going to vary based on the dosage of medications you have taken throughout your addictive lifestyle. If you have been addicted to drugs for a longer period of time, your withdrawals may go on for longer as well. The timeline will also vary based on how you used the drugs. If you had broken the benzos up to get your high, the withdrawals will probably be longer as well. Generally, symptoms start about 1 to 3 days after last taking the medication. Afterwards, the intensity of symptoms will increase over a period of a couple weeks. There may be some post-acute symptoms that last for a month or two. If you want to get help through this process, get into a residential rehab treatment program.

What are the common symptoms of withdrawal for benzos?

Every person may have different symptoms but overall one can expect to be somewhat uncomfortable. They may have emotional or physical symptoms. Some people experience anxiety or depression. Others may have an even more difficult time with their previous mental health issues. Some will have migraines or body tremors.

Should you taper or go cold turkey?

While there is not one exact right or wrong answer, some people say it is less uncomfortable to taper off from the benzos. Others say it is nearly impossible to go off the drugs if you taper down. No matter what, it is advised to go under supervision of a residential rehab treatment program when going off from drugs.

Now that you have further knowledge about the withdrawals from benzos, you can call the rehab facility and get help to overcome the addiction. When there, you will get supervision and care during the process of withdrawing from the benzos.

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